visualize success

I hope this short story about my experience using creative visualization helps lead you into a new, positive direction with not only your company but also in your personal life.

When I was just starting my business, I saw an opportunity to grow my company by developing partnerships with national companies. Unfortunately, nothing happened for nine, long months. In the meantime, to make ends meet, I took a side job as a waiter. As the tenth month rolled around, I found myself without the waiter job but what I did have was a creative vision for a new direction with my new business plan. This new vision resulted in a great partnership with a nationally known furniture brand. I kept the vision alive for nine months and never steered away from that vision while I worked towards my ultimate goal of creating a national partnership to expand my business.

Now think about how many hours have you have wasted in worry. Think about how many times you have focused on the negative. Through my experiences, I’ve learned that dwelling on the negative just creates even more negative energy. Instead take my own advice and Take Action!

Creative visualization is one of the most important tools someone on an ENTREPRENEURIAL path can use. Creative visualization is the art of changing negative thinking for positive images. This, in turn, creates the life we want and deserve. By thinking of the good things you want to happen as part of a regular routine, you’re creating positive energy. This positive energy then takes on the form as the actual reality you desired. This art of “seeing” with the mind’s eye takes practice and as with all things, it gets easier with each success.

  • Are you having a hard time making connections with people? Stop forcing a connection and create one!
  • Don’t worry about what you lack. Figure out what you are best at and fill in the gaps around you.
  • Don’t spend time reinforcing or practicing weakness. Focus on your strength and outsource the rest or delegate to others in your company.

Find the Opportunities. Don’t Wallow in the Problems.

Entrepreneurs, even though they are known to be problem solvers, may also get the blues too. Entrepreneurs don’t escape setbacks, rejection, or financial dilemmas. There are no easy answers to tough questions, especially when it comes to the big hitters, such as, “We have no budget,” and, “We ran out of inventory.”  These statements appear to suggest an obstacle to some, whereas, if presented differently, the matter at hand might well appear to be an opportunity. Think about creative visualization: “How might we obtain new revenue sources for this project?” And “In what ways might we find new suppliers for this project?” Transforming problems into opportunities leads to solutions. Having restated the questions above, for example, you might then look for the right person to take as much ownership in the issue as you have. Together, you both might explore further questions that nudge you closer to a creative solution, such as: “In what ways can we convince a bank to lend us money?” Or, “In what ways can we cut costs?” Solutions are apt to arise more frequently when the right questions are posed.

Visualization is the process of utilizing your imagination to focus the mind’s eye onto the successful completion of a particular or desired outcome of that what you wish to achieve.

Start watching your thoughts, without identifying with them. Now, begin to watch them as a detached observer. There’s a chance you might even get carried away by your thoughts. Don’t worry. It is a natural experience—especially for a beginner. What you need to do, whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get back to the process of thought watching as a detached observer.

What is the difference between having a dream and a goal? A dream can be a wonderful experience; however, a goal is the deliberate act of choosing a desired outcome in your life. You may have dreams that you choose to set as goals for yourself but until you have made a commitment to challenge yourself into achieving those goals they just remain as dreams. Visualize Your Goals!

The process of visualizing the successful outcome of a particular goal will draw the special needs and circumstances for achieving that goal into your life like a magnet. Ask yourself:

  • What is it that I want to achieve? Have I clarified my goal? Is it personal?
  • How will the successful achievement of this goal affect my life?
  • Will I need the help or cooperation of others to complete my goal to its fullest extent?
  • What changes will I have to make in my life to achieve this goal?
  • Will I need to further my education or learn new skills to fulfill my needs for this goal?

Asking these questions is the first step in the process of building the foundation for whatever it is that you wish to achieve. Trust me… there is power in clarity!

Los Silva, CEO of Catalyst Dynamic, is also the founder and host of the soon-to-be-launched, the virtual destination for marketing enthusiasts to explore the inspirational stories of CEOs, entrepreneurs and noted marketing experts who want to share their experiences and knowledge with the world…