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Facing fear, stress, and anxiety is a normal part of life in the 21st century, but nobody ever does it.

Do you wish you could get over whatever is holding you back?

Today Carla Blumenthal and I go through a crash course in emotions and how to become more aware of them, resulting in increased efficiency, thus helping you reach your potential.

Carla is the founder of Tea + Purpose where they inspire authentic, action oriented conversations over tea.  She is also a consultant and coach working with organizations and individuals who want to become more emotionally intelligent and work better together.

I really try to cut through the fluff on things like “fear”, “shame”, “empathy” and “vulnerability”…. and bring out actionable things that you can do to start getting past these things in your life today.

Carla talks about things like using the 9-1-9 method to start understanding your emotions and how these things can make you a more productive, happy person.

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“This is how you design a life that works for you.”

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of all emotions and awareness allows you to have joy + happiness.”

“It doesn’t make sense to focus on your weaknesses as you grow.  Augment your strengths to find opportunities and new projects.”

“I need to increase my engagement with the part of my life that give me good emotions and make me more efficient.”

“There are things that are stored in your subconscious that are holding you back whether you like it or not.” (Matt)

“By having a larger mission statement and aligning with that, it allows me to expand instead of saying ‘this is my one passion.'”

“If you are growing and expanding instead of shrinking, you are on your way.”

“Checking in with yourself is the only way to measure your success and design your life.”

“We are always designing our own life.”

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