eminutesA few months ago eMinutes launched an ambitious campaign to incorporate 500 companies 100% free of charge. Recently, they hit this goal where they covered $500,000 in legal fees and absorbed $100,000 in expenses to help entrepreneurs incorporate!

They are doing it again!

Recently, eMinutes announced that they are waiving another $725,000 in legal fees for entrepreneurs. They will now be incorporating 725 first-time entrepreneurs in California, New York, Texas and the District of Columbia for free.

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To qualify an entrepreneur must have a defined business plan or an active website. All eligible entrepreneurs must have retained the services of a CPA and agree to pay filing fees.

Under30CEO is proud to work side by side with eMinutes to help more young entrepreneurs save money, get professional advice and incorporate their companies. Under30CEO sent hundreds of entrepreneurs to eMinutes to help them achieve their first goal of 500 and we expect to do it again!

Important: You must be a resident of New York, California, Texas or the District of Columbia to qualify.

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