In 2012, Under30Experiences ran two incredible excursions to Iceland to see entrepreneurial perspectives abroad and explore the volcanoes and glaciers across the arctic backcountry.  The trips were truly once in a lifetime experiences for the attendees of our new entrepreneurial travel brand Under30Experiences, designed to give young people new perspectives and live differently.

The highlights included: superjeeping atop the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, canyoning in glacial water, jet boating at the magnificent Vestmannaeyjar Islands, bonfires beneath a sun that never sets during an Icelandic summer,  bathing in the world famous Blue Lagoon, a private reception at the US Embassy, an exclusive invitation to the home of the President of Iceland, and the Startup Iceland Conference.

Check out the pictures of from our previous two trips to Iceland, our Under30CEO GREEN Business Tour Costa Rica and get pumped for our Microfinance Surf Camp to Nicaragua April 17-21.

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Co-founder of Under30Media Matt Wilson and Founder of BrightCo Rebecca Kantar atop the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

The inaugural Under30CEO group to Iceland. Entrepreneurs from five continents have attended.

Exploring the charming city of Reykjavik where 2/3 of Iceland’s population lives.

Attendees Russell Kommer of, Ray Land of Fabulous Coach Lines and Matt Wilson of Under30Media.

Lauren Maillian Bias of LMB Branding and Photographer Angela B. Pan aboard the rib boat at the Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Fabulous Coach Lines’ Ray Land and the Under30Experiences crew with the President of Iceland.

Our guide Siggi from South Iceland Adventure has even brought the owner of the Minnesotta Vikings on an expedition.

Experiencing the magical landscape of Iceland superjeeping across frozen river beds.

Pray for northern lights…! Photo captured just before our last excursion with Under30CEO.

The trip caps off with a visit to one of National Geographic’s Seven Wonders of the World The Blue Lagoon.

To join us on our next mini-summit abroad with Under30Experiences check out our Microfinance Surf Camp to Nicaragua April 17-21, 2013 and sign up for more information on upcoming trips like the Startup Iceland Adventure May 31-June 4.

Photocredit: Breceljnik Jure