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Our partner eMinutes is at it again! Recently, eMinutes announced that they are waiving another $725,000 in legal fees for entrepreneurs. They will now be incorporating 725 first-time entrepreneurs in California, New York, Texas and the District of Columbia for free.

There is more!

Now, eMinutes wants to giveaway $2,500 to one lucky entrepreneur! All you need to do is show how creative you can be with the $2,500. The money must be used to help push your business forward and you should have a clear plan as to how the $2,500 will be used.

Five finalists will be chosen on July 1st and then the community will vote on who deserves the money the most.

Submit your entry now.

Dates to know:

1. Enter by June 30th, 2013

2. Voting opens July 1st, 2013

3. Voting ends July 15th, 2013

Enter now!