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Entrepreneurs: Turn the “Hate” into Inspiration

| January 27, 2012 | 9 Comments

In October, my posting, “The 5 Things in Business that College Can’t Teach” reviewed 5 important qualities and abilities that are essential for entrepreneurs. These qualities are of such an utmost importance, that I felt it would be beneficial to take a closer look at each.

1. The ability to Adjust (You Better Adjust…If You Want To Make Money)
2. The ability to Persevere (Don’t be Fooled: Entrepreneurship isn’t Instant Gratification)
3. The ability to have Blinders
4. The desire to keep Learning
5. The ability to stay Hungry

Part 3: Turn the “Hate” into Inspiration

There are moments in life that are unforgettable.  Moments that will provide inspiration in times of struggle.  Many times, these moments become building blocks in not only our career, but our lives.   This is one of mine:

“You could always get a job with a corporation. If in a few years you still want to start a business, you could start it then.”

I was at a New Year’s Eve party.  Shouldn’t I have been enjoying the time with family and friends?   Instead of enjoying myself, I was shocked and furious inside.  Was it a suggestion to get a job in hopes of learning how to build a company?  No, it was clearly a statement of doubt. Of course, I responded with the classic, respectful, politically correct, but bull**** answer.    I was thinking, “I’m not stupid. You’re basically saying you don’t think I’ll be successful.”  To this day, that statement provides inspiration when I want to take time off.

Entrepreneurs are a very small percentage of the population.   Under30CEO’s are even a smaller percentage.  As a group of people who think differently, it’s important we realize that most people will not see the opportunities that we do.  Can you blame them? It’s much easier to work for someone else, get a steady paycheck, and have less responsibility.  This lifestyle has become a normal part of our society.

Don’t be surprised to hear doubt from your friends and family.  They might not approve of the risk in starting a business.  Understand that they will not have an entrepreneur’s mindset.  This is why the ability to have blinders is vital.

Merriam-Webster.com refers to blinder as, “either of two flaps on a horse’s bridle to keep it from seeing objects at its sides.”

Are you going to be able to handle the doubters and stay on track?  It’s easy to accomplish things when everyone is rooting for you.  What is going to happen when you find out that your peers are not as thrilled about the business as you are?  Here is a great way to approach it:  If you weren’t going after something great, you wouldn’t have any haters.  Embrace the hate and turn it into the reason to wake up every morning.

There will be haters and there will be a lot of them.  I want to make something clear though.  Not all criticism is hate.  For example, if Donald Trump tells you that your company’s business model is flawed, that’s not hate.  That’s constructive criticism that can be used to build a better company.  If a member of the Under30CEO community makes a suggestion for your business, that’s not hate.  Constructive criticism is from people who have your best interest in mind.  They criticize because they want you to succeed.  They ask the tough questions in order to save you from making mistakes that they might have made.

In contrast, hate is from people who do not want you to succeed.  Their criticism comes from jealously, fear of change, and the fear of looking worse when someone else succeeds.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who just like to be negative.

Surround yourself with the people that will not only push you, but stay positive.  Erase all the negativity.  Spend time with the people that support your dreams.  If finding new friends is necessary,  find them.

Don’t forget to keep the blinders on and focus on your vision.  Don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from taking a further step towards your goals.  In my initial post, I mentioned there would be a bunch of million dollar companies built in the next 5 years.  After reading that again, I’m going a step-further.   There will be several multi-million and billion dollar companies built.  You might as well own one of them!

What are the moments that continue to inspire you? 

Michael Fear is the Founder & CEO of Get Better Today & getbettertoday.com.  His mission is to help people understand that getting better everyday is not an option, but a necessity.  I’d love to hear the moments that continue to inspire you in the comment section or on Twitter: @MichaelEFear & @GetBetterTday.

About the Author: Michael Fear

Michael is the Founder & CEO of GetBetterToday.com, a website that provides inspiration and encouragement for Young Athletes and Christians. He’s a former Divison 1 baseball player, turned writer and Internet show host. Chat with Michael on Twitter or Facebook below.

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  • http://entrepreneurialambitions.com/ Yura Bryant

    As an entrepreneur blinders are indeed necessary. As you said everyone is not equipped with the mindset to jump out of the traditional way of doing things. Most people cannot comprehend making something out of nothing and therefore are hesistant to encourage someone who has the thought of doing exactly that. As an entrepreneur you have to just do what you set out to do and make it happen regardless of the hearsay.


  • Derrick Peters

    Turning doubters into believers is definitely
    a needed sales skill within an organization.  If an entrepreneur doesn’t
    have the sales instincts to influence opinions then he/she had better have
    someone on their team that can.  While I completely agree that
    entrepreneurs need blinders, there is always something constructive about
    criticism.  Although many times the message is hidden, if you listen
    closely you should find something helpful.  

    I’ve learned from
    other entrepreneurs that, in the pursuit of your vision, you may run into a
    wall and think it’s a dead end.  At that point there are three main
    options:  (1) work around the problem; (2) set aside your idea, revisiting
    it often; (3) quit.  We all know that quitting typically isn’t the right
    thing to do, especially if you are going to be the CEO of the next
    billion-dollar company.  I like to try #1 and if it’s impossible to work
    around then go to #2.  Often while taking a break from the problem a
    solution will emerge.  It may take time, perhaps even years.  But, if
    you keep learning and stay hungry, then you will be able to adjust and

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelEFear Michael Fear

    You made some good points Derrick.  You are right, there is definitely some criticism that is great.  It’s important to understand which criticism is from those who are wanting to help and those who are just wanting to “tear down”.

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelEFear Michael Fear

    “make it happen regardless” I really like that mindset!  No matter what happens or what situations I might face, I will make it happen regardless!  Good addition Yura!

  • Suriya H.

    The ‘go get a job first’ statement is probably the worst insult an entrepreneur can get. But alas, as your said, entrepreneurs are a small fraction of society, we can’t change the way people think but we can change the way we react to them. It’s a pain to ignore it, but as entrepreneurs, we can do anything, even changing how we perceive the negativity of others. ^_^

  • http://www.millionairementorsacces.com/ Shaun – Millionaire Mentors

    I agree.  I went for a walk with an older friend of mine (age 65) and he said that on the road to what I want, it might be best for me to go into a corporate structure to learn the fundamentals and intricacies of management.

    I think those skills are valuable.  It used to enrage me to hear those words but I’ve now realized that it is his perspective based on what he thinks is best in life… I mean to say that they are more in line with what he believes to be the best and not what I believe.  

    It’s taken me a few years to realize, but, I now only take bits and pieces of other peoples opinions and perspectives if they aren’t in line with my goals.

  • http://www.millionairementorsacces.com/ Shaun – Millionaire Mentors

    I’ve certainly had to drop a lot of people in my life who were haters.  They were disguised as good friends but it started to become clear on one of my last ventures which was a fountain pen website.  I had one “friend” who said I would never make money with it and it was at that moment when I just decided not to put up with it any more.  So I didn’t.

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