Growing up under the influence of my parents Heather Davis and Keith J. Davis Sr. was an experience in itself. Though both parents come from economically challenged backgrounds, they always shared with me, “Life is what you make it, if you want to change your circumstances, change your attitude and work hard.”

When I started my entrepreneurial path at the age of 10 I believed I was in a world all on my own. Selling and trading everything from hats, to Pokémon cards, to magnetic earrings. The idea of purchasing products in bulk, at a discounted price, then reselling them individually at a higher value seemed, to me, to be the greatest idea that no one else seemed to capitalize on. I guess students were too busy building the best deck and depending on their parents to fund it, though I wasn’t complaining, this allowed me to gain somewhat of a monopoly at the schoolhouse. Fast-forward 10 years later, with that same entrepreneur mindset, a genuine ambition to succeed and a strong supporting team behind me, I’m now a budding real estate agent, motivational speaker, author, student at the University of Houston, and CEO of the K. Jerrold Enterprises Inc,. No longer am I selling bubble gum at Thornton Middle School and no longer do I believe I’m in this world of “Young Entrepreneurs” all on my own. Utilizing the advancement of technology, combined with my passion for networking with like-minded individuals, I’ve come to realize that there are hundreds and thousands of teens and young adults finding success in starting and running their own successful businesses. And thanks to I’m able to share helpful tips that I’ve learned throughout the years.

As a budding entrepreneur myself, entrepreneurship, has not only shaped my life, but my thought process and how I relate and evaluate things. At a young age I found my niche in communication. I fell in love with the ability to find a need, product, and/or service and fill the gap throughout my community, family and friends. Being a young entrepreneur allowed me to set and establish goals for myself, dream big, have vision, passion, love, and hope for change. I also became a hard worker and learned to understand the power of an entrepreneur and the impact entrepreneurs have on the economy. All in all, entrepreneurship has a forever-evolving effect on my life and is something I look forward to building upon, as I grow as an individual and business professional.

Below are the 10 steps from my book “Young? So What! 10 Steps To Become A Successful Young Entrepreneur.” Gathered through my trails and tribulation as a young entrepreneur, from mentors and those who’ve sown into me, and from other individuals I admire. Apply them to your development process and see your path to success multiple 10 fold.

1. Develop a positive mental attitude
2. What’s your game plan
3. Put your thoughts and ideas to action
4. Build your mentoring team
5. Master your craft to achieve your game plan
6. Learn the power of networking
7. Focus: Failure is not an option
8. Don’t settle for second place
9. Exceed limits and expectations
10. Maintain longevity in success

Similar to the ending of my speeches, I leave you with a word of encouragement, “ Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right,” –Henry Ford but it’s better if you believe in yourself and know you can! Much continued success!

Keith Davis Jr., 20, is a budding real estate agent, motivational speaker, author, student at the University of Houston, and the founder of K. Jerrold Enterprises, Inc., a personal empowerment company that serves as a catalyst for building economic development programs for young leaders. Through thought-provoking seminars, writings, networking functions, and mentoring K. Jerrold Enterprises, Inc. has inspired, educated, and motivated over 3,000 young people to begin their transformational process to today’s visionary leaders.