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Generation Y Rejects the Old and Creates the New

| August 6, 2010 | 11 Comments

gen yThe world seems to be a depressing place as of late. Headlines all across the world scream about earthquakes, oil spills, famine, and political unrest. Being surrounded by so much negativity can bring a person down easily, but this generation is different. Generation Y is often called out by their elders, labeled as lazy, spoiled, or leaning on a sense of entitlement. Sure there are a few bad apples, but look around for more than a couple seconds and you’ll see something so much more.

Digging deep, past the usual headlines of misery and woe, will yield what many critics would call an unexpected result. The youth of the world or as author of the new book “Young World Rising” Rob Salkowitz likes to put it, the global “Net Generation” is taking arms up against the rising evils of the world.

Abandoning the conventional method of businesses, the Net Generation relies heavily on the new communication advances that now connect most of the world. Utilizing internet and advanced telemarketing systems, they tap into a network made of people from all over the world. By using social media, b2b telemarketing, and all the latest gadgets and gizmos, this generation has more resources to use than any before them. Now the Net Generation is waking up and taking advantage of it.

These new pioneers of industry have recognized the ability and talent within themselves, and are spearheading the movement to overcome the difficulties that current events have presented them. Recent times are showing that the largest amount of growth of data and mobile networks have been in regions with younger populations, these locations include Africa, Latin America, and Southern Asia, places where growth and advancement has been lacking in recent years.

Generation Y is not simply the “lost generation” in the United States, instead it is comprised of youth from all over the world. Although the members come from differing cultural backgrounds and circumstances, the entrepreneurs changing the world all share ideals and approaches that unite them under the same banner of change and progress.

Salkowtiz gives an example, describing the company mPedigree based in the nation of Ghana, a business that works to rid the nation of fake medication. The solutions that come from mPedigree are helping not only themselves, but the government, and pharmaceutical companies, and the whole community.

In India, Dr. BP Agrawal is heading a project that not only provides clean water for villages, but provides jobs and opportunities for the members of those villages. By attaching rain collectors on the roofs of homes, the villagers now have access too clean water, and can also sell the leftover water to irrigation systems. This will not only help improve the health quality of those in the village, but will also give them an opportunity to earn more money, and in turn improve the quality of their lives.

By taking their destiny into their own hands, Generation Y rejects the old system, with a belief that they can create a new world, a better world, not only for themselves but for all who inhabit the world with them. By leading the way with innovation and determination, the entrepreneurs of the Net Generation can turn things around, and with any luck, they will.

Andrew Sale is an expert writer on phone systems based in San Diego, California.  He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as VoIP service at Resource Nation.

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  • Ashley

    Awesome article. It's so true that we are having to go outside of the “traditional” ways of business. The old school stuff doesn't necessarily work anymore. Many old school people are still that you become a chamber member, a bbb member etc. Why work 10 times harder to get their attention when you can communicate and make contacts through social communication that's cheaper and faster?

  • Andrew

    Thank you! And yes it's true, many people still subscribe to the old methods, and it's not that they're bad methods, it's just that they're a bit outdated and you need to use new and innovative strategies to succeed. With all the tools that have been made available to us through globalization, the internet, and other technology breakthroughs (such as the amazing things that smartphones can do nowadays), it would seem foolish not to tap into those resources to reach a broader, global market than simply the ones that are geographically convenient.

  • Ashley

    Absolutely true. Old is not bad it's just how well you can bend and adapt to the new ;)

  • davidburkus

    In the spirit of rejecting the old. I reject the term Generation Y. I'd much rather be referred to as a millennial.

  • MattWilsontv

    I've written a lot of articles on Gen Y and the values that we have, the ones that tell us we can do anything yet make us look just a little too cocky. One thing I haven't considered is the overseas portion of the argument. I'd love to spend time traveling the world learning about how our generation is leading itself overseas.

  • MattWilsontv

    Why's that?

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Ashley, I think its super important that we integrate all the tools that we have at our disposal today with the tools of yesterday. I don't necessarily think being a chamber member is a bad idea, but its power can work tenfold if we pair it with technology, connect on LinkedIn or before the event, check in on Forusquare during the event and communicate on Twitter afterward. You can then take this in person meeting and turn it into a much more long term relationship so much quicker. If you are producing good content then the people you've met in person can learn much more about you and you prove your expertise to them without spending hours with them. Pretty powerful stuff.

  • Ashley

    Absolutely Matt! Great points you made and I totally agree with you. What I meant by the chambers is that so many of them are all about the money, not all but most. It is a great way to meet some people who could be potential clients or contacts that's for sure but when you approach the chambers and want more information and would like to talk with them they have the $$$ in their eyes or you are just another head count to them. So that is what I meant about the chamber stuff ;)

    But yes use it all to your advantage, make the old work with the new and you can have a powerhouse!

  • Bret Bernhoft

    That is a good question. Why would you rather be called a Millenial? Or is it that perhaps just you being spiteful?

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