Photo Credit: Bartek Kuzia/Flickr has officially launched! We first want to thank the readers and owners of Under30CEO for supporting us during the tour and beyond!

The story behind GenJuice is simple – a group of young people got together, decided they were tired of dreaming and were ready to live as entrepreneurs. They quit their very well-paying jobs, hopped into a rental car and drove across the U.S. looking for other similar minded young. What did they find? Over 35,000 people (online and offline) who were ready to start their ventures or their own projects too! Not exactly sure what to do next, they decided to turn this community they built during the tour, and asked for their honest feedback.

That’s what we did! Thanks to our inspiring community, GenJuice is now a new destination for everyone ready to get started on that big idea cooking in their mind, and just itching to escape. In fact, our goal with GenJuice is to encourage one million people to quit whatever is stopping them and start creating. How? First, through our online destination and our GenJuice Jam Session meetups across the world. Then, next year we hope the achieve the mission in a big way (Shh! There’s a big Gen Y conference and national tour coming in 2011!).

When you get a chance, definitely check out the new website and let us know what you think. We built it for you, the young person in law, education, technology, the arts or some incredible intersection of them all, to have a place to get inspired and get moving.

All in all, this post was meant to do one thing. Let you all know that you are not alone. There are people of different backgrounds, different age groups and with different ideas all across the world building ways to change the world. You have everything you need right now to do it too. There’s no need to wait! When you are ready, come join us!

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