What’s your name?

George Lewis

What’s the name of your company?


How old are you? 


Why should you win the Under30CEO March Madness Entrepreneur Mashup?

At ZetrOZ, we have created a revolutionary technology that changes the way traditional ultrasound therapy is delivered to both animal and human patients. As not only the founder of ZetrOZ, but also the inventor of the technology, I have a background spanning from the science lab to the board room.

My biggest life achievements thus far all start and end with ZetrOZ. First, I have been able to start a business under 30 years old in the medical industry. That stems from my ability to wear many hats at ZetrOZ. Daily meetings can start with an FDA approval hearing, sandwich investor relations in the middle, and end with clinical trials and product development. These are all huge challenges that face any medical device entrepreneur and I embrace them enthusiastically.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, I believe my biggest achievement has been assembling an absolute all-star cast of employees and creating an environment where they love their job. Our whole team cares about the future of ZetrOZ and it makes me happy to see our team enjoy what they do everyday through something I’ve built.

Who are your co-founders and what are they like?

The Co-Founder and CEO of ZetrOZ is Bryant Guffey. Bryant is a one in a million partner in crime, and has helped build ZetrOZ to what it is today. Bryant lives, sleeps, and eats ZetrOZ whenever possible. His pashion overflows to his family and everyday life as his wife is often seen helping with ZetrOZ projects, and his golden retriever oversees the “Make Everyone Smile” division at the offices.

Tell us about your company!

ZetrOZ technology is based on innovative ultrasound miniaturization technologies patented and controlled by ZetrOZ for research and commercial development. ZetrOZ has created a device that can deliver highly effective low intensity ultrasound therapy at a fraction of the previous costs in a device the size of an iPhone.

ZetrOZ’s technology is currently being used in our UltrOZ device, a wearable device for equine, and will be launched for the athletes, sick, and other human patients within the next few months.

Who do you pick to win the NCAA tournament?

Miami Hurricanes.

If you could be one college mascot, who would you be and why?

Of all the mascots out there, I have to go back to high school to choose the mascot that fits me best, the Gorilla. The Gorilla fits me great because although I can be serious and focused, I still love to joke around and have fun. I always like to be the one that gets the job done, goofs off a little, and makes everyone enjoy their day.

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