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Getting Started

Hey, it’s Matt the co-founder of Under30CEO.  Welcome to our community, I’d love to tell you a pretty crazy story…

Since graduating from school six years ago, my cofounder Jared and I been on a quest…

A quest not to get a real job.  

A quest not to listen to what society tells us to do.  

And a quest to have a sh*tload of fun instead of being chained to our desk somewhere.

Since we started this mission, we built this site into an awesome community that has seen over 500,000 monthly unique readers…

Then we started to travel… and things got REALLY interesting.

Myself and Jared O'Toole on one of our trips to Iceland!

Myself and Jared O’Toole on one of our trips to Iceland!

We started our travel company Under30Experiences and in a quick year or two expanded to almost a dozen locations including Costa Rica, Belize, Iceland, Machu Picchu, Bali, Nicaragua, Ireland, Brazil…. Crazy. We are proud to say Under30Experiences has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Inc Magazine.

…and even more amazing is that we were able to build a community that organizes in over 25 cities across the USA / Canada filled with young people looking for more out of life than what society tells us we should be doing…

So here’s our gift to you: The Under30Experiences Escape Manual

In your free ebook you will get:
  • The answer to your “life rut” – LOFA – Lack of f*cking adventure
  • The number one metric you should care about
  • Adventure: Why everyone should live for it
  • 4 simple steps to freedom, fun and happiness
  • Top 4 things I’ve learned from living and working in paradise

Get the Escape Manual Now!

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-Matt Wilson Co-founder Under30CEO Adventurer in Residence Under30Experiences

PS. You can join our community and see our trips here at

Photo credit: Caitlin Collins Augusta Leigh Photography