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Great Marketing Content Doesn’t Necessarily Lead To Sales, Anymore

| December 21, 2011 | 4 Comments

dos equis ad campaign

You may be thinking to yourself, well that title can’t be correct, I can think of a dozen campaigns off the top of my head that had great content, how can it not lead to a sale?  The truth is that just because you laughed at an ad or you remember it when you look at the product in the store, it doesn’t necessarily mean your going to buy that product when faced with a purchase decision.  I’m going to focus the conversation on one industry in general that has been struggling to stay alive and that’s the beer industry.  In today’s society it goes beyond having great content to get a sale, this is not the Mad Men era of the 60’s where all it took was a great commercial.

Riddled with intense competition, the beer industry which is filled with notably buzz worthy ads has been failing to deliver.  In the 52 weeks ending in August 2011, in store case sales were down 1.5% while spirit sales were up 3.2% as a whole in the same period.  Take Coors Light and Bud Light for example, you all know the campaign where Coors dubs in over coaches speeches consumers asking questions about the beer but has this made you buy it when you were in the store?  I know for me when I see Coors and point out one of their marketing tactics like, hey look we can go window shopping but then walk past the beer and select another one.  They’ve obtained mind share but not a sale from me and I’m sure many of you could say the same.

Now lets look at Bud Light, which some people wait with bated breath for their infamous Super Bowl commercials.  Flash back to the 2009 Super Bowl and you may remember the ad where there is a bunch of people sitting in an office trying to figure out how to cut costs.  One guy suggests eliminating bringing Bud Light to all of the meetings and he gets thrown out of the window because of it.  The ad was received with praise but at the end of the day Bud Light didn’t take any market share away from Coors or Miller Light.

Sticking with the beer industry, there is one brand that seems to have it all figured out, Dos Equis.  Their most interesting man in the world campaign has been received with not only buzz but an increase in sales as well.  In a time when the imported beer sales were down 4% in the United States Dos Equis sales increased by 22%!  Now that is great content that lead to sales, but how?  Dos Equis has been running this campaign from 2006 that’s a long time in the ad world to be sticking with one campaign.

Here’s the secret behind the campaigns success and how you can turn great content into sales.  They took what was amazing content that had people talking about it all over the place and kept the buzz going through new age outlets.  He went viral, he went social, he took on a persona every man yearns to be.  Best of all Dos Equis doesn’t just solely promote drinking beer because at the end of every segment he says, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis.”  Brilliant!  The campaign is stacked with witty one-liners you hear people reciting to one another.  The Dos Equis website is tailored around this man with interactive features and clips of all the viral videos and ads they have associated with the campaign.  This campaign hit a successful 360 degree approach to marketing and branding encompassing, TV, print, viral, social, and lastly buzz and word of mouth marketing.

The Elements of Turning Great Content Into Sales:

  1. Great Content – without great content or something buzz worthy you’re not getting anyone to talk about your brand.
  2. Distribute the content across several mediums TV, print, viral and social media – in this day and age you cant rely on just one medium to make an impact you have to spread your efforts out across varying platforms.
  3. Word of Mouth and Buzz Marketing – lastly you need to get people talking, they can be your best friend or your worst nightmare but lets shoot for them to be your friends it will make you a lot of money at the end of the day.

It’s through these three seemingly different but highly linked elements that you too can create quite a frenzy over your product or service.  If you take one thing away from this post its make sure you disperse your efforts and don’t solely rely on one medium, it doesn’t make the cut in this day and age.

Austin is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of The AFG Group a new age marketing and branding firm with a financial twist, owner of L&I Detailing and obtaining his MBA in finance from Hofstra University. You can follow him on twitter @FinsUp2120

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  • BCWebMedia

    I would argue that while the social media aspect likely played a role in the Dos Equis success, they simply understand their market better.

    “The Man Show” is off air. Spike TV spends most of their time playing CSI reruns. Wipeout has 40% female viewership. When was the last time you saw a guy in real life acting the way most of them do in beer commercials? Or, for that matter, even wanting to? They’re constantly being dumb, bumbling idiots surrounded by senseless bikini girls.

    Sex sells, sure – but in this case, the target market is choosing the prospect of being interesting enough to actually *get* sex over the beer that uses boobies in their ads.

    They’re also missing a key point that Dos Equis picked up on – loyalty. Sure, in the south there are still people who will not drink anything but a Bud Light – but those 21-23 year old males who have traditionally been their target audience are going to keep drinking beer for the rest of their lives.

    And really, when you’re 35, married with kids, do you think your wife is even going to let you go to a Beer & Booty Party – even if you do win it in a beer case? The older drinkers have different priorities, and Dos Equis targets them perfectly while still appealing to the younger man.

    Think of the Captain Morgan ads – those have done pretty well as well. Why? Because they understand that the target market for Captain Morgan run isn’t the 21 year old, boobie-loving knucklehead who barely has $10 to spend on a weekend’s worth of drinks – it is the late twenties, early thirties guy.

    He has a girlfriend or a wife (or a boyfriend/husband). He may have kids. But he still longs for the days of the aforementioned boobie-lover from time to time. Captain Morgan appeals to that sentiment by giving him a way out for a night (be a Captain), and tickles the funny bone of the boobie-lovers enough to get their interest sometimes.

    It all comes down to understanding your market. Dos Equis campaign would have been on social media, whether they had put it there or not. Same with Captain Morgan.

    Coors Light probably wouldn’t have one of their ads go viral unless one of those bikini models had a wardrobe malfunction. They are still basing their ads on outdated market information, and they’re losing share as a result.

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  • Yura Bryant

    Today marketing is more than just presenting a message and an image it is about making those concepts interactive and easily interchangeable with your audience. With these new channels of communication marketing has become multi-layered producing many different working pieces that have to be accounted for.

  • Adam R Jacobson consultancy

    Poor grammar and elementary concepts passes for a column on how to market a brand? If I was a potential client I would have tuned you out, Austin, after your second paragraph. Your points are ill-conceived and take little into account on the overall beer market, competitive forces, marketing strategies, economic conditions in regional areas and long term trends among youth consumption of beer.

    Having just conducted research for Mintel on baby boomers, it was fascinating to study the Dos Equis campaign. Why did it work? Fun, with quirkiness, great social media and a vivid traditional marketing campaign that has led Heineken USA to scramble and panic as its namesake brand and Tecate disintegrate.
    Miller Lite and Bud Light continue to dominate the market. They will for some time. Their sales are tied to multicultural efforts you do not even mention.

    If any readers truly wish to learn about why marketing in a 360-degree approach works it is simple — get creative and commit. Too many companies expect results within six months, not six years. Patience is the learning lesson here, Austin.