Two years ago today we published the first ever article here on It’s been an incredible 2 years since that first blog post and we only have our readers and followers to thank. It’s because of everyone who reads and supports the site that we’re still at it today and still brainstorming new ways to make the content and the organization even better.

Under30CEO started because we wanted to inspire more young people to start businesses and we wanted to support them along the way. Two years later we are still figuring out exactly how to do that best but because of everyone’s support we are continuing to work hard to solve that problem.

Our good friend Rob Ianelli of forever holds that spot as the 1st ever article on Under30CEO.

Some numbers to sum up the past two years:

The blogs success has given us the opportunity to create an organization around Under30CEO to help us support and inspire even more young entrepreneurs.  We’re looking forward to building the blog and organization into an even better reource this next year and can only hope that we continue to see the support of all our readers. We really can’t thank everyone enough!

Thanks again and we wish everyone the best of luck as always with their ventures.

If you’re celebrating the 4th of July have a fun weekend!

Jared & Matt