pepsi_refresh_projectThe Pepsi Refresh Project has been running since earlier this year and has funded hundreds of projects that will help local communities.

If you have not heard Pepsi is giving away millions in grant money each month to fund ideas that will do social good in the world. Anyone can apply to have their idea funded at different stages. You can submit for 5k, 25k, 50k, or 250k in grant money. Each month you have from the 1st to the 15th to submit your idea or until 1000 ideas have been submitted. Pepsi then reviews all the ideas and selects which ones meet the guidelines and will be accepted and can be voted on to win the money. Learn more about the process here.

It is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur to get an idea off the ground or take a current project to the next level. If your idea is not accepted you will receive details as to why and can re-submit the following month.

You can view the projects that have been funded here.

Or check out the current projects up for voting.

It is a great opportunity if you have a project that will help your community. Submit your idea and see if it gets accepted. If you don’t have an idea then browse and vote for someones who you like!

iB-LIEVE Submission

Back in the spring we covered iB-LIEVE, a startup focused on inspiring people to change their lives for the better. They have recently entered the Pepsi Refresh Project and have until the end of August to gather as many votes as they can for their idea. Below is the video about them and the project they are trying to get funded.

You can also visit their site to learn about their project and vote.

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