Working as a freelance designer gives you the space for creative freedom, but you will want to make sure you have an inexpensive work environment where ideas can flow and transform into something special. Whether you work best on paper or a laptop, a home office is essential for creating a balanced lifestyle, keeping your rooms for relaxation separate.

Initially, select your room with care and plan a simple layout. Placing desks, cabinets and drawers in a U or L shape keeps the room uncluttered, while it is important that this is an airy environment with plenty of light coming in from a window. Choose your colour scheme – as a designer you might be tempted to put beautiful artwork on the walls or have a feature wall showcasing some of your work. This can be wonderful for inspiration, but ensure that it does not provide too much distraction in your day or make the space too dark.

Personalising the room can be an excellent way of making it into a place where you want to spend time. For example, add features such as scented candles, buy flowers once a week, or add a comfortable sofa where you can take a cup of coffee and stop to think about your projects.

Giving an appearance of professionalism to your clients is essential so you might want to consider hiring a serviced or virtual office space to compliment your home environment. Many companies provide these services and they offer the benefits of a permanent address without actually paying for the overheads involved in having one. You can hire conference facilities, meeting rooms, and desk space if you just need a break from the house for a short period of time. Utilising these services will enable you to save money and leave you safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to lead potential and existing clients through your cluttered hallway into a home office.

Peace of mind is important so combine options such as these to ensure your working days run as smoothly as possible.

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