Jared James is a world renown speaker, real estate trainer, author, and broker that was ranked by Realtor Magazine as the #1 Real Estate Broker Under 30.  His company Jared James Enterprises helps entrepreneurs and sales people sell at their peak levels, producing training events for major corporations as well as small businesses.  Jared is selling out convention centers all across the country as people come hear him speak. There is a lot to learn from this motivational interview.

Check out this interview with Jared James….


Questions in this interview:

1. Realtor Magazine named you the #1 realtor under 30 in the country.  How did you do it?

2. How did you get through the hurdles of quitting your job and going out on your own?

3. Why would you quit being a real estate broker to start training others?

4. How did you grow demand for your training sessions?

5. What is it that people want to learn from you?

6. How’d you get your foot in the door with big companies like Century 21?

7. Give us one business system that you’ve implemented that we can take home from this interview?

8. Give us one piece of motivation for the Under30CEO community.

Interview conducted by Matt Wilson Co-founder of Under30CEO.com.  Connect with him on Twitter @MattWilsontv