How This 18 year old Is Putting Venture Backed Companies on the Map : Under30CEO How This 18 year old Is Putting Venture Backed Companies on the Map : Under30CEO
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How This 18 Year Old Is Putting Venture Backed Companies on the Map

| November 17, 2011 | 5 Comments

This Under30CEO is one of the best we’ve had yet. Daniel Brusilovsky is insanely young. So young he’s been writing for Techcrunch since the age of 16. He is an advisor to several venture backed companies including Tatango and Everyme and was an employee at Qik which was recently acquired by Skype. Brusilovsky is Founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Labs which run both the Teens in Tech Conference and the Teens in Tech Incubator. We strongly recommend our readers attend and apply to both.

Check out our interview with Daniel Brusilovsky below…

Questions from the Interview:

1. How did you come to write for Techcrunch at age 16?

2. Have you read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and have you got your 10,000 hours in like Steve Jobs did living in Silicon Valley at such a young age?

3. Can you even relate to other people your age?

4. Give us the elevator pitch on the Teens in Tech Conference.

5. Tell us about how our audience can apply for incubator?

6. Do you get financial backing from the incubator program?

7. When is your conference in LA?

8. What’s one piece of advice for young entrepreneurs?

Matt Wilson is Co-founder of and is looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet. Connect with him on Twitter @MattWilsontv.

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  • Jeremiah

    Answer to #8: Don’t extort startups for MacBook Airs.

  • Henry Louis

    Nice interview with Daniel. I like this post very much.

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  • Micah John Henning

    I find this interview slightly annoying.  It seems to be more about Brusilovsky’s supposed success than about his impact to young entrepreneurs.  While I fully support and encourage young entrepreneurship, I feel as though Brusilovsky should spare the advice until he has more experience.  I think that asking questions like numbers two and three will instill conceit in him and ultimately hinder his career growth.  Though personally, my impression of people is solely based on what they do, indiscriminate of age.

  • Olekamwaro Meeli

    amazing piece of work!