How to Attract CustomersGUILTY. I will admit my fault up front. I literally spent a year building a fortress of ideas, marketing platforms, selling material, and products.  The one thing I missed was you have to have customers and clients in order to make money!! Once I realized I needed to change my focus, I learned valuable lessons on how to attract clients with a low pressure approach (I can’t do the whole “buy my product now or your life will be horrible thing”).

1. Stay connected even when you would rather be alone

As an entrepreneur we could stay in a confined area for days working on new ideas and projects.  Make sure you are calling at least one person a day, and scheduling lunch meetings to stay current. Even though you don’t have products ready to sell yet, you now have a group you can reach out to WHEN the product is ready. (No one likes to call a friend they have neglected for 6 months and sell them something.) Remember when cultivating relationships it’s a two way street—think of ways you can also add value to others.

2. Hello, is Sally there?

Yes, it’s the sound of the dreaded sales calls.  There are a few people in the world who actually enjoy making sales calls… for those that don’t I have a few tips.

3. If you are nervous about calling people in your geographic area start somewhere far away

If you completely mess the call up WHO CARES.  They might tell all their coworkers, but let’s be honest it’s not going to get back to your hometown.

4. Grab a friend and try selling your product to him/her

Write down all the objections they say and create written responses to counteract them.

5. The worst thing someone can tell you is NO

Tell yourself you will keep making calls until you get 5 NO’S. Trust me this makes the game a little more fun.

6. Reward yourself for each yes you get. YES=MONEY

If you get 5 yes’s allow yourself to go to your favorite restaurant. If you get 10 yes’s book that day vacation you have been wanting to go on. MAKE IT FUN!!


After making a few sales calls I realized people were hesitant to purchase because they didn’t really know that much about me.I knew if I could lure people in one time they would be hooked.  I created a FREE motivation call every Wednesday for this exact purpose. People now have the opportunity to see my passion, drive, and deep desire to move their lives forward for FREE. I mean c’mon skip the lunch time work gossip and get inspired for your life. Create something for free that will showcase your best work!

No matter what stage you’re at in your business staying connected is KEY.  Remember the world is your playground. Don’t forget to PLAY.  People are intrigued by entrepreneurs and want to know what is going on with your company. Stay plugged in so when the time comes for your new service or product launch you have people to tell.

Joshua R. Schneider is the CEO and founder of Prime3Coaching (, taking businesses and individuals to their #NEXTLEVEL.  Through coaching, consulting, and reality speaking, Josh is creating a #NEXTLEVEL generation.  Gone are the days of just going to work, performing and going home.  The #NEXTLEVEL generation doesn’t just crush it at work; they’ve discovered the need to go to work on themselves too. To see what a FREE motivation call looks like check out my promotion video at

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