John Schnettgoecke

Ever wish you could run away to the beach, write your book and just not worry about anything for a while?

Well, so did my friend John.

John Schnettgoecke experienced a quarter life crisis and did what any millennial would do…he quit his job and journeyed to Central America to write and reflect. However through a series of unfortunate events, he found himself on a plane back to the states, but with unique insights that were waiting to be shared.

This led to his book launching today Pura Vida, A Thinkers Guide To Living, 15 Must Answer Questions on Happiness, Habits and Hustle for Mixed Up Millennials. Throughout the podcast we talk about what a “mixed up millennial” is, the importance of pen and paper, and how asking yourself some specific questions can unearth who you really are.

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“We’re all looking for some sense of purpose”

“Writing is most responsible for who I am and what I believe in”

“Recognize that all this stuff is unique to you”

“Your going to have to rely on people to get you through the tough times”

“The only job for the reader is to think, react, and write”

“We have a lot to learn from each other”

“The definition of happiness doesn’t matter”

“I don’t need to define happiness in order to know what it feels like and recognize it’s presence”


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Pura Vida, A Thinker’s Guide to Living: 12 “Must Answer” Questions on Happiness, Habits & Hustle for Mixed-Up Millennials

John Schnettgoecke

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