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How to Get Others to Believe in You and Your Product

| October 7, 2010 | 6 Comments

Starting off as an entrepreneur in the public relations industry as a college student has been anything but easy.  Aside from putting together a team, a business model, and the documents needed to complete our tasks, it all comes down to one thing: pulling in clients.  Whether you’re targeting consumers or clients, there is a looming obstacle that any new, young business owner faces: How do you get those prospective customers to believe in your product or service?  There are usually other options out there, and those options are most likely to have more experience behind them.   As a young entrepreneur, how can you compete against age and experience?

For me, I have found success with my company during our first year by going out and finding new clients.  Again, this hasn’t been easy, and I even step back sometimes and wonder how we’ve come so far in such a short period of time.  I would like to share some of the things I’ve learned about acquiring new clients, and getting people to not only believe in me, but my company.

Make yourself personable

When trying to pull in a new customer or client, it is important to make that process as personal as possible.  On paper, you may not be the best or most experienced option for them.  You need to distinguish yourself from all the other options.  You can do this by taking the communication into the real world.

Set-up face-to-face meetings, make a call to check-in, engage with them on a level more than just business.   If you hope to grow, you have to put your personality and ambition behind your product; it is what will set you apart from the rest.  Make that effort to communicate and make the client or customer believe in YOU, and your ability to give them what they need.

Work with other start-ups:

If there is one common trait us entrepreneurs share, it is AMBITION.  We all want to grow and achieve greatness.  By working with other entrepreneurs, you will realize that your common drive allows for great business, collaboration, and growth.

I trust working with other entrepreneurs as I am growing because of their drive and passion.   We help each other grow and reach our goals.  We understand one another, and know the mindset that it takes to see our projects through.  It’s a great way to acquire a client, gain experience, and significantly grow.

Believe in your product and yourself

This sounds so cliché, but it’s incredibly true for an entrepreneur.  If you do not believe in yourself or what you have to offer, how can you expect anyone else to?  Confidence, not arrogance in yourself goes a long way when talking to prospective clients and customers.  Your belief in yourself is easy to see, and other businesses want to be associated and work with confidence.  After all, confidence is what fuels great ideas, growth, and business.

I have been confident in my services regardless of my age and lack of experience.  I am confident in my instincts, skill, and knowledge of how my industry is changing.  I make sure those around me see that confidence.   Before any papers are signed, they need to have confidence in me, and that thought is never too far from my mind.  Believe in your talent, ambition, and product.  Others will soon believe the same thing.

Starting off as a young entrepreneur is exhilarating, frightening, and incredible all at the same time.  However, those feelings are all for naught if your target market does not believe in your product.  Regardless of a experience or age, there is always a way to set yourself apart from the field. Communicate with your target audience, make sure they see how much their business means to you.   Work with those who understand your ambition and growth. Above all, Believe, Believe, Believe.  Believe in your product and yourself, and that feeling will spread before you know it.  If nothing else, just remember: your ambition knows no limits.

I am Harrison Kratz, a junior at Temple University and the founder of Kratz PR & Management.   I love all things PR and social media, so find me on Twitter @KratzPR!

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  • Mike Holmes

    I like this Harrison…I like it a lot. I can definitely agree with the ambition. There are days I get up and just want to take over the world (lol)! The only thing I would is keeping on in the face of opposition and adversity. But other than that this is a great post

  • Harrison Kratz

    Thank you for the feedback Mike! Absolutely agree with keeping on in the face of adversity- Pushing through those times is what defines an entrepreneur and is absolutely a key to success.

    Thank you again and I’m grateful that you enjoyed the post.

  • Morgan Barnhart

    Working with others instead of competing with them can certainly help you more than break you. It shows that you’re both working towards a common goal and instead of doing it alone, you’re helping each other and in turn helping the client.

  • Watts Resume

    Working with others is very important. I am currently in the midst of doing that. It seems to be a circle, the giving never stops. Paying it forward is a huge plus for any start up. Everyone has their strengths and sharing with others, helps you become that much more professional/aware.

  • Sdm4808

    plagerize! When you see a technique that works for others, adapt it to your style. take away something good from every person or place. be cheerful,enthusiastic, remember, laughter is contagious. lighten up, you will never get out of this life alive anyway, so have fun with it. Have you ever had a wave of success come upon you? Work hard,work smart, and one day you might experience it!