How to Start Your Business for Less Money and Fewer Mistakes : Under30CEO How to Start Your Business for Less Money and Fewer Mistakes : Under30CEO
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How to Start Your Business With Less Money and Fewer Mistakes

| December 8, 2010

Welcome to our free eCourse that aims to get your business up and running the right way from day one. The course is packed with the advice, products, motivation and discounts you need to get a professional business running in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What it is does:

The course is meant to help guide you through the initial steps of starting a business so you can avoid the countless hours of trial and error that most people suffer through. No longer do you have to read hundreds articles and spend thousands of dollars testing out the “right way” to launch your business.  We want to get you on the road to profits sooner.

The course covers 5 crucial topics when you’re starting out.

  • Naming your business and branding yourself and company with business cards and a logo
  • We will show you how to create an awesome website to display your business to the world and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars!
  • How to setup up your businesses legal structure. Lawyers can charge upwards of $500/hour but you won’t be paying that!
  • How will you finance this business? We will show you the best options and how to manage the money once you have it.
  • Let’s get you those customers. It is time to market your business to the world. We will show you how to find your customers using cost effective techniques.

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Free 5 Day eCourse: How to Start Your Business With Less Money and Fewer Mistakes

We will save you money!

One of the most important things we’ve learned at Under30CEO over the years is that young business owners are working on a budget. It is a constant battle to start a business that looks professional but do it on a limited budget. So we decided to start solving this problem.

The eCourse not only discusses important topics but also recommends the best products and services for you to start out with. We recommend these products based on ease of use, professionalism and cost.

Plus our own discounts…

We have negotiated our own discounts on these services. We have secured exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services from hosting to accounting to incorporation services that we want to pass on to you. We hope that by doing this more people will not only be able to start a business but will be able to use premium services at the start so their business looks professional from day one.

The discounts don’t stop after the 5 day course. Maybe you saw us give you 3 months free of Less Accounting or 75% off New York Entrepreneurship Week.

These types of deals on products, services and events will be announced regularly in our newsletter. Once again with the intention of bringing you the best products at even better prices to help start your business.

This is our mission at Under30CEO

We have always been out to help more young people start companies that follow their passions and help them reach their life goals. We want to improve on how we do this with all of these new offerings. Have you read the Under30CEO Story?

At Under30CEO you can still expect the same inspiration, motivation and interviews we have always put out but now with even more actionable advice and recommendations. We want our readers not only to be pumped up about the idea of running a business but we want you to be able to take action on that inspiration.

We’re looking forward to helping hundreds of thousands of young people build amazing companies!

Good luck!

-The Under30CEO Team

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Free 5 Day eCourse: How to Start Your Business With Less Money and Fewer Mistakes

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  • Robert Takei

    While it is understandable that Under30CEO needs to make money, the content of this blog has noticeably declined in the past month. The focus now appears to be on selling products through posts that are really just thinly disguised advertisements. This post is an example of the new bait-and-switch mentality. Several months ago, a post called “How to Start Business For Less Money and Fewer Mistakes” would have provided advice from entrepreneurs and a list of common mistakes that people make. Now, such a post baits readers into thinking they will learn valuable content and then tries to push a service on them. This is tacky and pointless too because the Under30CEO blog is already successful. Rather than attempt to milk the readership for dollars, Under30CEO should attempt to consistently improve the quality of its business advice, whether this means bringing in even more knowledgeable experts (Richard Branson? Jeff Bezos?) or focusing on other aspects of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. As this blog has pointed out repeatedly, deliver a high quality product and the dollars will come. It is now time to start practicing what you preach.

  • Jared O’Toole

    Sorry you feel that way Robert. We are doing this to add more value to our site. Our readers ask us everyday about what products and services to use so we are trying to tell them. We do not base these recommendations on what money we make from it. We base them on what we have tried and have learned are the best methods to start out.

    There have been some paid promotions on the site recently and we don’t want to subscribe to that model. We want to make our recommendations and not be paid up front for them. That is the reason for things like this.

    We have worked extremely hard to form relationships directly with the vendors we want to recommend and to work out even better deals on their services because we think our audience will value from that. There is no bait and switch going on here. If you don’t agree with a recommendation then you do not have to buy it.

    This content is improving our advice, it is amazing how many times a day we get asked how to buy a domain name. We have realized that our site should be able to easily solve that problem for you and to do that we have to recommend a vendor for you to use.

    Would love to hear more of your feedback as we are trying to simply educate and help more young people take the right first steps.

  • MattWilsontv

    Hi Robert, thanks for giving us your honest opinion.

    Please realize that the title of this blog post is truly our mission. We want to help people start their business with less money and fewer mistakes. If you had a chance to read our story, ( you’ll see why we are on this mission to help people start businesses more effectively.

    That being said we think to ourselves everyday “how can we more effectively help people”. Yes, Branson and Bezos would be great to have on the site and we will continue to try to deliver on this. When we go and speak and places across the country people ask us time after time, the basics, what the best way to set up their LLC is, what web host they should be using, how to get the word out about their business without smashing their head against they keyboard like we’ve done for 2 years. We are going to start rolling out some really rock solid content around this and deliver some business services at discounted rates in the most transparent, non-salesy way possible.

    Thanks for bearing with us as we try to help you guys and yes, turn a profit too. The better we do both of those things the more resources we can put into creating a better resource for all of you. Your feedback is always welcome.

  • SharedBusinessSpace

    Jared & Matt, loves what you guys are doing! Keep it up and thank you for your support.

    In regards to your eCourse please let everyone know about as a great resource to find the most affordable and flexible shared office space options. We have hundreds of listings nationwide. Share office space and save money!

    Julie Clark