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How to Use Karma to be a Great Entrepreneur

| July 18, 2013 | 15 Comments

Karma We often hear that people are lucky and that is why they are successful.

This can´t be more wrong.

For sure there are some lucky people. But 90% of the time, that “luck” is because they have been getting the right preparation, creating the correct tools and using all this work to meet a great opportunity. If you want to see it another way, karma exists and you can fight it or use it on your own benefit.

If you are sure you want to become a super entrepreneur you have to learn how to transform  karma into your friend. I have discovered a few ways of making this happen. From reading to connecting and creating a platform to promote yourself and your project.

I want to tell you about the 3 most effective ways I have been using.  Lately, karma has been amazing with me.

1. Create a platform

It does not matter how much you know or how much experience you have. You are unique and have your own story. That is the starting point to create a platform, personal brand or general brand. Nobody has your perspective and if you start sharing that around the subject you like, then you are creating a valuable platform.

Nowadays there is nothing more easy than sharing. We have Facebook, Twitter, and. Youtube.  Most importantly, you can create a blog in 3 minutes (remember that a blog is not a business). Start writing, recording videos, interview people that know more than you and share it with the world. The platform is your presentation card, make it an extension of yourself.

2. Connect, connect, connect

I can´t emphasize enough how important this is. Discover it for yourself. Once you have a platform start contacting people. Tell them about your platform and HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM.  Another way to connect is to thank them for their work and tell them how it has helped you. Be creative and be remarkable. People will remember you if your message is clear. Make the impossible to meet someone you admire in person possible by setting up a Skype call.

But more important connect with people that are on the same path as you. Role models are important but the value of connecting with someone that is facing the same things as you is invaluable. You must read Srinivas Rao books about relationships and creating your Small Army. Remember that relationships are about creating value for the other person and really caring about them.

3. Travel

I think Karma loves people that travel. That is the only way I can explain how you can learn so much while you are traveling. Traveling can be an intense process, you are planning your trip, traveling, arriving, meeting people, and experiencing cultural shock. Everything is a learning and mind changing experience. Someone once said that you don´t travel to see new things you travel to get new eyes.

Every time you travel you must reflect – what did you learn? how could you do things better? what can you create after your trip? who can you help with the things you learn? This part is really important and once again share it!

Maximize your karma and become a remarkable entrepreneur by CREATING AND SHARING VALUE!

My name is Andrea Rodríguez from Mexico City. Right now creating lots of good karma in for where I have a blog and podcast in spanish for lifestyle entrepreneurs. Proud Under30Experieces Alumni (Nicaragua 2013)

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  • Michael Luchies

    Thanks Andrea. Travel cannot be stressed enough. I often get in lulls and caught up in a boring daily routine. Traveling outside of my normal workplace and comfort zone helps me create new ideas, meet new people, and just get my name and face out there in front of a new audience. Travel is a very worthwhile investment.

  • Cara Murphy

    Andrea, I couldn’t agree more! I really do believe that you build a bank of good karma by being considerate and trying to make the world better for everyone- not just yourself. Let’s hope we get to cash out sometime soon :)

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  • Mike Darche

    I really like those reflection questions at the end, Andrea. Sometimes when you return home or reach your next destination, your mind totally switches gears and you lose some of that awesome magic that you felt on the trip. This is definitely the case for me– I rarely take the time to intentionally think through the valuable lessons I learn when I travel. I’ll remember to try this next time!

  • Belinda Summers

    When I read the heading I immediately thought of “connections” and I’m really glad you brought it up as one of the ways to use karma. Once we create a personal connection to other people we develop selfless understanding. Your actions will benefit you in the end which some refer to as “luck” but in reality you earned that success because you helped others earn theirs.

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  • MattWilsontv

    Hola Andrea. Super feliz for you to go on your next adventure. I listened to your podcast this morning with Aniko. Argentinian spanish is a little hard for me to understand and you guys were going pretty fast haha, but I got most of it.

    You’re creating tons of good Karma, and I’m really happy for you to be on the site. Best of luck with your campaign!!!

  • Cara Carmina

    Absolutely right! you HAVE to give in order to receive… all the time! and helping others is a MUST if you want to have a successful career! Congratulations on your first article! :D

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    yes! that´s true.. For sure you can be lucky, but you can create your own luck!! And relations are key.. I really like what you say about understanding!

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    thanks! and yes… I have seen several times in my life that helping others is great!! and when you help without any expectations you receive a lot!!

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    I love Aniko interview! and also her blog! and thanks for the support!! Really under30experiences has been a huge platform for me!! :)

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    yes!! I always get post depression trip!! And those questions really help me to convert the experience in something more tangible !! let me know what happen next time you do it!!

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    yes! Let´s make karma our friend!! :)

  • Viajero Emprendedor

    so true!! is a great way of education and life changing experiences!

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