How Two Young Entrepreneurs Have Built Two Thriving Companies Together : Under30CEO How Two Young Entrepreneurs Have Built Two Thriving Companies Together : Under30CEO
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How Two Young Entrepreneurs Have Built Two Thriving Companies Together

| June 16, 2011 | 6 Comments

Today we had the chance to speak with Zak Boca and Dan Ushman of SingleHop. Before SingleHop Zak and Dan had started a web hosting company called Midphase which after the initial investment of $1500 grew to over 100,000 clients in only a few years. During that venture both had decided to drop out of school to pursue the company full time and they never looked back.

After selling Midphase the two started their current company SingleHop which has a $20 million run rate. While in similar industries the two companies had very different targets and marketing plans behind them. Listen to the full interview below to hear more about how these two entrepreneurs have built not one but two thriving companies.

Questions in the interview:

  • Could we hear about your background before SingleHop?
  • Did you drop out of college?
  • How did you initially fund your first venture?
  • Is there a reason you have never pursued outside funding?
  • You mentioned having 4 clients on the first day some people would love to have that in the first month. How have you marketed?
  • Could you talk about some of your major obstacles within either of your companies?
  • Could you each give us 1 piece of advice for young entrepreneurs today?

List to the full interview:

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  • Virtual Business Assistant

    I loved reading this post. Very inspiring! It’s great to know that
    these two  made it so big, it’s stories
    like these that motivate people to do so much better in life and gives a lesson
    to never give up. Thank you so much for sharing this! And hats off to these

  • Kali Blocker

    I like the tips at the end about having a plan for Marketing your product and being relentless.  These guys are definitely winning in business!

  • Oleg Smirnov

    How about outsource support which he used for MidPhase ? Without of good technical support is not possible to grow ;) he did not shared all other hidden tips for success.

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  • Egasus

    Why dont you guys also provide a written version of the interview ? Would be nice to have

  • The

    what a bunch of crap.   “day one we signed 4 accounts” impossible. and grew to 160,000 customers?  what they disingenuously mention is that the reason they got so many customers in such a quick period of time is because they had pre-existing “top web hosting” directories where web hosts advertised, so all they had to do is self-advertise their own hosting company and self-rate themselves at the top with some good reviews as a great host and instant sales. instant traffic and instant sales. how many years did it take to build that business and traffic up in the first place?  how much time and money went into that? most people are not lucky enough to have that kind of resource to abuse, which is ethically questionable to begin with.  they are omitting a lot of important information.  oleg smirnov is also correct, they may have gotten lucky finding a good outsourced management partner as well which cant hurt.