goibelieveWhat is the story behind your company?

In college, we talked about changing…..

The idea is Kevin Bickart’s (CEO), who wanted to create products and innovative ways to inspire people to believe in themselves. He was interested in developing tools to help people live a more resilient and inspired lifestyle.  Kevin is now an MD/PhD student at Boston University and CEO of iB-LIEVE.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

We are a team of 9 best friends (all under 30) whom travel across the country giving educational workshops to inspire students and young professionals to become aware of what they believe in and to build on those beliefs.  We then encourage and support them to act on those beliefs.

Secondly, we are unique because our theories and practices are based in our research of neuroscience, psychology and performance enhancement.

Future plans for the company?

In August of 2011 we are going on a tour around the United States to give workshops for youth empowerment.  When we return, we plan on opening the first Believe Center in Boston, MA.

What was the start-up budget?


Year Founded:




Founders and Ages:

Kevin Bickart (CEO) – 29 (currently)
Daniel McCaffrey – 29
Jon Kroll – 29
Joe Lamendola – 27
Eddie McCaffrey – 28
Pete Athans – 29
Joe Villipiano – 29
Raju Kansgagra – 29
Joe Discepola – 29

Where can people find the company?

twitter: @goibelieve
facebook: http://bit.ly/9fR9IY
Blog: www.goibelieve.com/blog

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