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Infographic – The Millennials: Best Generation Ever?

| December 19, 2011 | 5 Comments

We can never get enough of millennials, generation y or whatever you want to call them. Everyday comparisons are made between this generation and everyone else out there. Below is an overview of the millennial generation next to everyone else when it comes to politics, lifestyle, education and work.
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  • Owenraisch

    Really lacking a story. The only reason this was worth my time, as a Milennial, is because of its good, though fairly ubiquitous, design.

  • Henry Louis

    Jared! The way that you have presented about the millennial generation in a diagrammatic manner is very interesting. I like your way of presentation. Nice post.

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  • berock212

    I’m pretty sure that every generation is an improvement on the last generation, and every generation says their generation is the best. I hope I remember this when I’m old just so I don’t turn into one of those old people that makes up some bullshit reason their generation is better like “in my days kids used to have a job”. And that reason is of course bullshit because it’s the gen x fault that we can’t find a job. But I know that I will forget this when I’m older and complain about the newest generation like everyone else.

  • Charles

    Personally I don’t see diversity in the racial makeup of our generation as important.

    Mostly because it isn’t. People promote diversity as an inherently good thing which I strongly disagree with.

    Diversity is neither good nor bad. However the assumption that diversity is good leads to the inevitable conclusion that forced diversity is the best policy for society e.g. affirmative action, race hiring quotas, ect.

    Did you know for students applying to medical school with a 30 on their MCATs and a 3.5 GPA these were the percent acceptances.
    Asians: 50%
    White: 55%
    Hispanic (Latin American and Spanish): 89%
    Black: 93%

    Diversity for diversity sake is detrimental to society and most definitely does not count as one of the factors that makes our generation great. Our generation is great. Our generation is diverse. Our generation is not in any way great because we are diverse. Correlation does not imply causation.