chris gardnerRemember the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”? Well if you don’t it is the one where Will Smith plays a homeless man who has a son and documents his struggles of trying to survive. However he goes on to be a leading broker at Bear Sterns and then eventually starts his own brokerage firm only a few years later (true story).

A recent article in NBC Chicago shows that today the actually man the movie was based on (Chris Gardner) is in Chicago trying to make a difference by helping inspire teens to find happiness in life. He is showing them that no matter what their situation they can do it. Even being homeless should not be a barrier to finding everything you want in life. If anyone he is the one to show everyone that it is possible!

It should remind us all that no matter what you are doing in life it is never to late to change. Many of us are not homeless and should realize there are so many opportunities in front of us. If you want something in life go and get it. It is never impossible it only takes hard work and motivation and you can achieve whatever you want.

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