Interview: How Lauren Bush is Tackling World Hunger with FEED Projects : Under30CEO Interview: How Lauren Bush is Tackling World Hunger with FEED Projects : Under30CEO
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Interview: How Lauren Bush is Tackling World Hunger with FEED Projects

| April 21, 2011 | 6 Comments

lauren-bush-feed-projectsLauren Bush co-founded FEED Projects along with Ellen Gustafson with the mission to “create good products that help feed the world.” Previously Lauren was well known for being the niece of former President George W. Bush and having a successful modeling career. She had been featured on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair and signed a contract with Tommy Hilfiger while still in college.

While in college Lauren had the chance to work in the United Nations World Food Program which is what ultimately led to her leaving the modeling world and creating FEED Projects. FEED originally sold only the FEED bags but has grown to sell a variety of products all aimed at helping world hunger. Today FEED has sold over 500,000 bags and has provided over 60,000,000 meals around the world. Listen to the interview below to learn more about how Lauren got started and the challenges she has faced.

Questions in the interview:

1. What inspired you to start FEED and what is FEED Projects all about?

2. How have you expanded into more projects beyond just the FEED bag?

3. You were already successful in modeling and fashion. What was the transition like starting another project from scratch?

4. So you dove right into the business with no second thoughts?

5. What were some of the biggest challenges you have faced while starting FEED?

6. Was there a defining point or turning point in the business where you knew there was a future for it?

7. If you could name 1 business lesson you have taken away from the experience what would it be?

8. If you could give 1 piece of advice to young entrepreneurs starting out today what would it be?

9. How can everyone get involved with FEED Projects?

Listen to the interview here:

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