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Under30CEO. I hope it turns into a global brand that helps millions of people realize all that life has to offer.

I’ve thought about ferrari’s. But I think the first step is the Audi R8.

I’ve snowboarded for quite a few years now. I think the snow is getting boring so I want to try boarding the dunes in South Africa.

I’m going to beat my biz partner Matt Wilson to the cover of Entrepreneur Mag. Is that good business ethics? Haha

I have to make it to the world cup at some point. I love soccer and I want to see it on the biggest stage.

Keynote on a big stage: maybe TED maybe South by Southwest.

Visit Brazil. Just a place I want to go. I’m feeling Rio.

Play golf in Ireland. I’m Irish and I love golf.

Have investments in multiple companies. I won’t rule out being some kind of VC but more likely as an angel investor.

Marriage…Yea thats right I said it. In 15 years I’ll be 38 if my math is right. I would hope I am starting a family at that point. Since I don’t quite know who it will be yet….

Write a Book. I am not a great writer and I can’t believe authors and how they manage to get so much great content and organize into something useful. For some reason that huge challenge is intriguing to me and I want to conquer it.

Live in NYC. This is very near term actually. I won’t say forever but I want to live there for a while at least.

I want to give back to my family and friends. They have supported me so much on this road of entrepreneurship and I could not have done it with out them. Maybe some gifts, maybe some connections but definitely some good times and memories.

Learn all about wine. I also want an awesome wine cellar. To this point I haven’t learned to much about wine but I do like it and I can’t wait to have the money and time to learn more about it.

Meet and hang with some of the greatest entrepreneurs out there. Just to see what they are like, what makes them tick and to pick their minds a little bit.