feeling stuck

When you decide to make a change in your life, step up in your business or really move towards creating what you want in your life

it’s normal to experience a lot of inner resistance and feel stuck.

As frustrating as this can be, it is often a sign that you are moving forward and on the verge of a big breakthrough (don’t ask me why but I see this all the time)

In my own life, when ever I have had a breakthrough or gone to a new level in something there has always been a period of (sometimes intense) frustration and feeling stuck before it.

This is the ideal time to get coached, learn from people who can help you and KEEP GOING.

If you are feeling stuck or frustrated, here are 4 ways you can keep going.

Be kind to yourself

In times of frustration, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are being kind to yourself. This doesn’t mean slacking off but it does mean taking a break if you need to refresh, going for a massage or looking at how you can up your self care.

Remind yourself why you started

It’s easy to lose sight of why you started, especially when things get tough or you come up against a big wall. This is the perfect time to step away and remind yourself why you started this business or project. Who are the people you are helping with this? What do you want to get out of it?

Celebrate how far you have come

I often see my clients overlooking how far they have actually come when they are working on something and I encourage them to celebrate their progress every step of the way. Other wise, what is the point?

Don’t wait until everything is finished, in place and perfect before you feel good, it’s a journey, not a destination.

Get a coach or mentor

Coaching is perfect for helping you to move through frustrating times, giving you a fresh perspective on things and some fast working strategies to help you get what you want faster.

Ryan James Lock is an international coach, writer and business consultant. He works with private clients around the world, showing them how to get more clients, make more money and grow their business.  He also writes for several publications around the world and teaches group programs. To find out more about Ryan go to www.ryanjameslock.com.

Image Credit: www.wetfeet.com