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The Leverage Your Startup Has Besides Money

| June 8, 2012 | 3 Comments

Money we all say and think is the greatest fuel for every startup business.

This notion has either been emphasized, over emphasized or even driven beyond the norm.

Truly, money helps us execute the plans for our business, but why is money the only leverage we have to hold on to for success? Then scream about the lack of it through the roof as our only problem to business progress.

Money is sized significance which is usually owned by diverse individuals in variable quantities. The need of this substance is always in exchange for value or services which drives its significance or emphasis.

Today, I will be exposing you to unsaid or un-emphasized leverages for value or services and these leverages are better experienced in startups besides money because it provides you the root for long-term dominance. They are:

  1. Time: This is everyman’s unknown equal resource to achieve all he/she needs, and this can be stretched to the limit depending on the individual’s passion, priority and vision.
  1. Books: This is a mega resource stored up in wooden processed compilations by individuals of higher topical exposures and flair which is equally open to everyman both to hold and to download.
  1. Skillful Communication (Written and Spoken): This is a major factor in project development as a better communicated idea is open to faster implementation than a worse communicated one. Note: The difference between making a project viable or non-viable can just be ‘your communication’, so INVEST IN YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS. It can help woo potential investors, customers, high skilled staffs etc
  1. Human Networking: This should be done deliberately for the purpose of the project. Meet people of value, know their interest, align your project with their interest and you will keep winning people who can collaboratively help you win MEGA.
  1. Internet & the Social media: This too should be deliberately used to meet new people, market yourself or product, network with new talents and stay in touch better. Note: Good communication flow can help increase the efficiency of your partners,  inform supporting friends and stay in touch all around.
  1. Friends and Family: This you should not neglect especially your nuclear family, they are the love you first got and can be the love that would carry through because they tend to stay even when all the chips are down and support when you need it. At starting up your project, they might never understand but when you INVEST in your communication skills and YOU show your need for them, you will win them and they will be a very highly invaluable resource for you
  1. Past, Support and Constraints: This should be deliberately used for the progress of any project. Everyman has got a disappointing and good past and this can be thought of using it to empower your mind for the project no matter what, Support and Constraints too should be used for future progress as the both are invaluable for advancement and can be used to leverage what money can directly do providing you crazy passion, drive and depth that money will never give you.
  1. Mentorship – Distant and Near: This is essentially needed as a guide to making your steps pre ordered and you just adding more value and edge to such steps. It helps if you can get such in your field of entrant.
  1. Today’s Inventions in your field: This is one of the greatest leverage we have today as we have inventions and trends to always study, discover loop holes, develop a strategy and improve our project/product.

Applying all these leverages will provide you more insight, deeper understanding, better management capacity, more experience, greater ability to implement your project, produce your product and have the money you have always wanted.

It instills more value into you and makes you irresistible thereby attracting you more value for value.

These leverages can overall reduce your startup/operating cost in the long run, provide you the best of man power to make your dreams come through and make you a very well rounded Project Manager and Chief  Executive Officer.

Thank You!

By Steven Haastrup – Guest Writer. Haastrup Steven is by CORE an Idea Strategist, Empower-Trainer and Business Communicator, the CEO of Wingsword Corporation and also the Founder of the proposed YOUNG – TIMA (Young Top Impact Managers in Africa)

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  • Marc Brodeur

    I think you missed the point a little here. All the organizations that have money also have the things you listed above. What is more important to think about is, what do you have *because* you have no money? They’re big — you’re nimble. They have money — you can take risks. They have publicity — you’re the cool new thing.

    The things listed are all great and important, but they aren’t advantages.

  • NJ

    Actually, he’s not saying that the organizations that have money don’t have the things listed, he’s saying that if you don’t have money, don’t think you don’t have other leverages – he refers to them as the “unsaid” leverages. 

  • Suzanne Kaplan

    Thanks for pointing this out, Steven. My father, who started his own matching gifts outsourcing business in 1989 started with his own funds and worked in the 3rd floor loft of his townhouse with is business partner. In fact, when they started, they were computer consultants, and the business changed overtime; when my father sold his business JK Group, in 2010, it was one of the leading providers of managing corporate philanthropic giving programs. I’m telling you about my father, because this is the guy I take advice from as I am starting my own business. And one thing he has made clear to me, is that money is not everything. And, in fact, if you have money to use in the very beginning, you may make many mistakes (lose money) with it.