GaryVaynerchukJimKukralASW2009_3Under30CEO highlights people who are living the dream, selecting passionate people from all walks off life regardless of age. Today’s Live the Dream Profile falls on internet marketing guru Jim Kukral. The Biz Web Coach seems like a guy who can truly does whatever the hell he wants. Speaking, consulting, coaching, blogging and a professor at the University of San Francisco–Jim does it all. Jim’s work can be seen throughout social media as well as in mainstream publications such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes and Inc.

Jim wasn’t always so esteemed however as we tried to dig to the core of his success. To Jim it’s about the decision he made to be successful and the responsibility he took on as a family man.

“About 8-years ago my wife got pregnant with our first child. I was 31-years-old and she was a high-paid advertising executive. We both wanted her to quit her job and stay home and raise our kids. But that meant that I would become the sole earner in the family. Why am I successful all these years later? Because I choose to be.

I chose to go out and make it happen. I chose to accept the responsibility of providing a living for my family. I chose to stop watching television and playing video games all the time. I chose to work my butt off.

It’s your choice. Nobody is controlling you. You’re either going to make it happen, or you’re not. Don’t blame anyone else but yourself. If you want it, go take it and work your butt off. If not, stay in the cubicle.”

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