Getting a business off the ground may seem like hard work, but what if that business was based on something you enjoy – a hobby, perhaps? This infographic, based on what people who compare business gas & electricity with Make It Cheaper said when talking about their ideal job shows that it’s possible to do.

Turn your talent into a business
Source: Make It Cheaper: The Saving Experts for Business

Carefully looking at how much money you spend on start-up costs and monthly outgoings is one of the most important things your new venture could do. Aside from that, knowing who you want to sell your product to and where are useful, as is making use of tools like social media and, if applicable, your website.

One of the best things about setting up your own business is that you’re in control of your own destiny. You’ll be able to make all the decisions, and if it takes off, you’ll be able to earn money while enjoying what you do on a daily basis, which is something you could use as motivation if things get a little difficult.

Infographic provided by energy experts Make It Cheaper