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Do you have a personal leadership development plan?

Would you like to change the world but aren’t sure where to start?

Today, I talk to my friend Carrie Rich, CEO of the Global Good Fund about making travel a priority and how individuals can change the world.  Carrie is an incredible woman who shares some amazing stories from across the globe with me.

Imagine going to Africa while you were pregnant and being blessed by Maasai Warriors.  How about getting Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus to be a mentor?  Carrie shares all this and more with me in this week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast.

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“It takes one person to take a step or dive out of the plane.”

“We make it easy for people to be part of something greater than themselves.”  

“Two days later three Maasai Warriors picked me up and drove me six hours down a lovely bumpy road…”

“To live life a little bit differently sometimes means making choices and taking chances that other people might describe as crazy, but to me seem like the right thing to do.” 

“Being up front, intentional and explicit about recognizing the risks and I’m okay with what the risks are because I think of the reward and the opportunity.” 

“Most people are flattered to be asked for their advice… Ask for perspective and demonstrate gratitude and humility because you want to grow from it and incorporate it in your own life.” 

“I think the first thing is to invest in yourself… I shouldn’t expect anyone else to invest in me unless I invest in myself.”  

“Nobody is going to come and do the work for you.”  

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