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Facebook Founder Talks Going Public and Denies Allegations

Mark Zuckerberg has led the way for so many young tech entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith, drop out of school and chase their dreams.  While many opinions are mixed on Zuckerberg for his geeky arrogant ways and alleged wrongdoings, one thing is for certain–his idea caught on like wildfire.

Diane Sawyer from ABC News sits down with Zuckerberg and talks about rumors of an IPO and the new movie “The Social Network” which claims to expose the 26 year old at his darkest hour.  While Zuckerberg already is claiming the movie is fiction, nobody has seen the movie yet.

Zuckerberg’s reports that while an initial public offering may be in the Facebook’s future, it isn’t why they started the company and it’s not the company’s intention.  See for yourself Diane Sawyer’s exclusive interview with Facebook’s founder:

What are your thoughts on Zuckerberg? Does he give Gen Y a bad name as a pompous millennial, with a robber baron mentality or is he an American hero and inspiration?