Mark Zuckerberg Prepares for Facebook Movie and IPO : Under30CEO Mark Zuckerberg Prepares for Facebook Movie and IPO : Under30CEO
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Mark Zuckerberg Prepares for Facebook Movie and IPO

| July 23, 2010 | 39 Comments

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Facebook Founder Talks Going Public and Denies Allegations

Mark Zuckerberg has led the way for so many young tech entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith, drop out of school and chase their dreams.  While many opinions are mixed on Zuckerberg for his geeky arrogant ways and alleged wrongdoings, one thing is for certain–his idea caught on like wildfire.

Diane Sawyer from ABC News sits down with Zuckerberg and talks about rumors of an IPO and the new movie “The Social Network” which claims to expose the 26 year old at his darkest hour.  While Zuckerberg already is claiming the movie is fiction, nobody has seen the movie yet.

Zuckerberg’s reports that while an initial public offering may be in the Facebook’s future, it isn’t why they started the company and it’s not the company’s intention.  See for yourself Diane Sawyer’s exclusive interview with Facebook’s founder:

What are your thoughts on Zuckerberg? Does he give Gen Y a bad name as a pompous millennial, with a robber baron mentality or is he an American hero and inspiration?

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  • Alex Rinehart, MSACN

    I think it's a matter of hard work meeting opportunity in the right time and place, the fact that he's young and now controlling a multi-billion dollar company, he's going to make some early mistakes, truth is the guy could have sold out a while ago and he's still pushing. Let's not confuse criticism with jealousy

  • MattWilsontv

    Thanks for the input Alex–I'm pretty jealous myself, but I'm not a fan of his attitude… he's a little smug for my taste.

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  • Admin

    SuckerbergW32.dll = Virus In Ur Life

  • Btrfly1289

    u would be to if you were in his position… he became a billionaire overnight, it takes time to understand his social responsibility

  • MattWilsontv

    Overnight success?

    No such thing… 8 years isn’t exactly overnight. Crazy fast to a billion yes, overnight, no.

  • Jane Hammerstrom

    I think his attitude is not smug; its disdain for power brokering. There were many cues in the movie about the gravity of the settlement. Someone made a suggestion and he created the website. The Twins in the movie had a limited vision. Zuckerberg is a genius. The only character flaw in the movie is dissing his friend, Eduardo. He allowed someone corruptible into his inner circle who persuaded him to be mean. Zuckerberg is and was young at the time. I think the movie paints a bigger portrait about desire and genius. He achieved what he wanted beyond the quest for money and I hope people see him as a genius, not a prick.

  • Sonyawiley1

    I so glad your discipline and I love your favorite, your a sweet heart.
    aunt Sonya aka’ The Liberty
    call me,

  • Jolanna0519
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  • Bpg9596

    I love that this is an actual discussion and not a uncivil tyraid which most discussions end in. I gained new insights after reading these. Keep the civility going….and pass it on.

  • Emzaere

    It was overnight success… He didnt make his millions overnight obviously but he got famous overnight with 10s of thousands of people on the site. I call that HUGE success!

  • EscapeScarcity

    Welcome to the elite 1% owning 40% of all world wealth. Way to go! What to do now??? Hm, maybe make MORE MONEY? Yeah, that’s it!

    Jeez, not another one.

    Dude, do something different with your proposed fortune and help put an end to MONEY as we know it. You’re young enough to know better. It’s getting us nowhere fast and you can’t take it with you. ZEITGEIST Mark. Move the movement.

    What’s Facebook without members? NOTHING. What’s the 1% wealthy people without the 99% poor consumer? NOTHING.

    Use your social network for something beyond perpetuating the insanity and collecting Ad $ and, and,.. .!/profile.php?id=100001775448284

  • Andyman9999

    defintaly an inspiration… hero?? no.. intellectually smart?? yes.. moral?? no… but he utilised one of the gretaest things a human can do.. he turned an idea into a very handsome realisation

  • Alona

    He’s sexy, that’s what he is. Damn asian whatsherface.

  • Vegaspardee333

    Mark is amazing, he took an idea, ran with it, and is a genius that many others are simply jealous of. The movie is amazing, by the way, and if it has any truth to it, I love him even more! Rock on Mark, you make all of us Techy’s proud!!!! And I love the site… we even use it for school. ;-)


  • spell

    too late, he sold out … look at the new FB, it’s all about more, more, more, look at all the ads on the right of your profile, miming people’s personal interests constantly, to the point of distraction … i like what you wrote, agree now what, you made a billion

  • Lloydknightetc

    Facebook is horrible. I don’t know why there isnt an alternative.Zuckerberg seems to enjoy being in control FB sets you up to add friends and then shuts you down for doing it with these punishments that you are unable to add anyone for 4 days then 7 days then 14 days pretty soon there’s going to be an backlash. And its not for doing anything invasive. You simply get a friend suggestion from a company that is in your line of work so you agree to network with them and out of the blue youre shut down for reaching out to them and that’s NOT including the friends that make a special note that you must KNOW them first this is just for less secure companies that pop up. He also bought a lot of Diaspora so they seemed to have vanished too bad they sold out so cheap they had billions written all over them

  • Nicky Dee

    Seen the film and actors aside I decided to dig for more info/facts as available all over the net. Mark as an individual is an inspiration to everyone as he has made billions and in the same breath united the world. He deserves everything good that comes his way.

  • Me

    Facebook is pure evil!
    Let’s meet a bunch of “Friends” that don’t know you or care about you. Then post a bunch of B.S. on your Wall that no one really cares about. Attack family members etc. for everyone to see and group together like a pack of wild Dogs so that you can all feel better about your own lives. If you have something to say, go to that person and tell them right to their face. The list goes on, but there is not enough room for it all.
    I personally am not on Facebook and never will be. Then there is Texting. We are creating a Society that can’t deal with any issues by themselves. Always need someone’s input to make a decision.

  • Cybercenz

    Facebook can be evil if we use it in evil ways, but it’s the best thing if we use it to spread good things in life. Zuckerberg also teaches us that we don’t have to be shackled by the intellectual arrogance of the academic elites in order to succeed. In fairness to Zuckerberg, although he made billions out his FB, he never collected a single cent from us users, unlike some “great” universities that collected huge sums from their patrons. He benefited from us, but we also benefited from him by making connections with our special friends easier and cheaper. It’s actually a win-win situation. For me, he and his FB is an inspiration. It means we can also do something great. I don’t know much about his personal life, but if those allegations are true then we’ll just throw them away. Let’s be selective in choosing what things to emulate from a person. By the way, no matter how am I inspired by Zuckerberg, I still put Tim Berners-Lee on top of him. After all, Facebook is non-existent without Tim’s Web.

  • EBB

    The ways in which Zuckenberg went about forming FB cost him the the only true friends he will ever have. Now he is sorrounded by people just like himself–sharks.

  • Dawn Walker

    All that I can say is..he did a good a thing here. I am a product of teenage parents..and because of this my mom and dad couldn’t be kids anymore once I came into the picture..they could’nt hang out, be free and do what they wanted with a result lost touch with many people that meant alot to them..Once they found out about Facebook, it was like someone opened a meant the world to them to re-connect with old friends and even family that they have not seen in many years…So, I thank Mr. Zuckerburg for the genius idea, he deserves his prosperity.

  • sameer sahni

    ya you r right sir

    and i m from india

  • John in Australia

    Mark created a major thing, but in the end he’s just genius geek who succeeded financially but really has no rea friends. The photo above shows him with a handful of sexy girls. The only reason why they are with him is for his MONEY AND CONNECTIONS. This is an old story, but with a different guy. Mark’s EX-life best friend (Facebook co-founder) sued him for an untold fortune because Mark screwed him over. Some nice guy eh? He dicked over his lifelong friend for Facebook.

    I am a working class bloke, but I feel sorry people like Mark Z. He might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but even so Mark Z cannot buy a new soul for any amount of money.

  • Shawn105

    zuckerbeg is giving away half his fortune to charity…

  • Geek

    the geeks finally gets the hot chicks!

  • brandtpage

    Zuckerberg is definitely a genius. I love watching him take over the world.
    Does anyone know how to get him to speak or even web conference in for an event? My company is putting on a B2B Sales Summit and would love even a custom video clip of him speaking or live video feed or something. 

  • Abin Clane

    Whatever the movie concludes, he still ended up to be one of the youngest billionaire in the US. He didn’t  even finish college and didn’t even take a private student loan and was still able to succeed.

  • Antparlor

    no u dont

  • Antparlor

    no u dont

  • Antparlor

    u r right

  • Antparlor

    u r right

  • jonnel caliboso

    i’m proud of you..i’m a Filipino and i really want to be one of your close friends not because you’re now the youngest billionaire in the world but all because of being your fans and i salute you MARK..

  • marleykid.

    and exactly their point. you wouldn’t have said that to his face, now would you? i personally love and hate facebook together. it ruins friendships and builds them at the same time. so what you just said for his opinion for facebook, was patheitc, it just shows how disgustingly poor attitude there is in this world. and how judgmental one can be over the internet. but never to the face. 

  • Archon220

    What do you mean “END MONEY”? Do you want to go back to SLAVERY? Because thats the only alternative to money…

  • Tanmay Dewan

    @f78d1ea57fd11ad745f028584fc71774:disqus  [303929493003826:]

  • 1st Timer

    Why?  Ooooooh… just like most other gazillionaires…. to SEEM like they care, and more importantly, it’s a tax deduction.