Motivation Monday: 10 Videos To Pump You Up For The Week Ahead : Under30CEO Motivation Monday: 10 Videos To Pump You Up For The Week Ahead : Under30CEO
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Motivation Monday: 10 Videos To Pump You Up For The Week Ahead

| July 8, 2013 | 9 Comments

Kid PresidentWhether you need a kick in the butt to get your morning workout in or just a reminder to pick your chin up this Monday, these videos are sure to do the trick. Enjoy some food for the soul and start your week off the right way. With a positive attitude, the world is your oyster.

Coca Cola Random Acts of Kindness

In a world where tragic headlines stock our shelves more than good news, it’s sometimes hard to see the light through the darkness. This video is just what you need to give you hope this Monday morning and hopefully restore your faith in humanity a little bit because life is full of hidden treasures.

Shout Out

This video by SoulPancake serves as a reminder to slow down, remember who we’re thankful for and to show appreciation for those who matter most to us. Because people should know when they make a difference in your life.

Boston Red Sox National Anthem

Sometimes all we need is a hand.

Jason McElwain: An Unlikely Hero

This young autistic boy proves everyone wrong, reminding us to be careful who we underestimate because they might just surprise you. Big time.

Malaki Paul: One Brave Little Boy

Sometimes you’ve got to face the music on your own, wipe the tears and brave it out. Making yourself vulnerable in front of others and powering through is all part of the journey. (If this doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what will.)

Rocky Balboa Speech

Sports buffs will love this new kinetic typography approach to the classic Rocky Balboa motivational speech that reminds us to steer clear of the fast track to failure: making excuses. Be willing to take the hits in life and keep moving forward.

Success Fitness Motivation

If this doesn’t wrench you out of bed and have you lacing up those Nikes, hey, at least you get to stare at a few hotties for 3 minutes.

Arthur Boorman’s Miracle Transformation

This video journey truly pays homage to the age-old “you can do anything you set your mind to.” One word: WOW.

Military Dad Surprises His Family

Grab. Your. Tissues. This video will have you on an emotional roller coaster and put you in this South Carolina football stadium with the family themselves as they get the surprise of a lifetime. If this doesn’t make you want to give your loved ones a big squeeze this Monday, we don’t know what will.

A Pep Talk From Kid President

Our final video is the perfect way to pump you up and set you on your way to a great week ahead. Straight from the tiny oval office, Kid President Robby Novak reminds us that we’re all on the same team in this crazy game of life and that we’re all meant to be awesome. So get to it.

Author: Kayla Bibeau for Fueled

About the Author: Fueled

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  • Mike Darche

    Awesome set of videos! Mission accomplished- I’m fired up and ready for the week

  • MattWilsontv

    Love the kid President!!!

  • Cara Murphy

    Kid President is probably my favorite person. ever. I watch his videos to pump me up on a daily basis. He is wise beyond his years. And his reference to Robert Frost and the “road not traveled” hurting…has me in tears every time! (#EnglishMajorJokes)

  • Daniel DiPiazza

    Kid president is awesome, but I’m partial to Rocky. I guess I just feel like sometimes I’m literally PUNCHING my way through the day.

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  • cesar romero

    Love Kid President!!! but I’m gonna go with Daniel on this one, I love Rocky’s speech to his son on Rocky VI and it’s true, winning is done by taking the hits and keep moving forward

  • MichaelEFear

    I crack up at “I wanna be on the road that leads to awesome.” every single time I hear it.

  • MattWilsontv


  • MattWilsontv

    Would also love to see more fitness videos on the site.