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Movie Thoughts: 20 Entrepreneurship Lessons From The Croods

| June 6, 2013 | 4 Comments

the croods

Croods is one of the best animated 3D movies so far this year. The film will leave you mesmerized and yes, thinking for hours together on life, challenges and entrepreneurship. Hats off!!

If you have not already seen this movie I strongly recommend you go watch it. Oh my god! What a film. It’s so gripping and engaging that the audience is completely occupied from the beginning till the end. It’s a simple story and could easily go off track if not made the way it was. Credit Credit Credit!!

The story is about a caves man family, after their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.

Some of the best things about this move is very well done, keeps you engaged right from beginning all the way till the end, neat animation, descent 3D effects, appeals to audience of all age groups and to top it all great lessons for entrepreneur’s.

Here are some quick lessons you can learn from Croods:

#1 Defy conventional wisdom

Always being locked up in cave is not right. Not dying does not mean living. As Carly Fiorina rightly said “To build a great company, which is a CEO’s job, sometimes you have to stand up against conventional wisdom”.

#2 Hire the right CEO

The guy is my favorite character in the movie, if not for him the caveman family would not have made it for tomorrow. I am a firm believer of this mantra and this has been proven right every single time. I founded Atom in 2009 at Atom Inc we fund early stage start-ups worldwide. One of the key factors we look at before investing in a company is the leader or CEO.

#3 Break the rules:

One of the most common advise you will hear from most of the entrepreneurs and successful leaders is BREAK THE RULES. Steve Jobs (I call him the god of innovation) broke all the rules to create one of the most successful technologies companies of this century. I recommend you read Joe Nocera’s article on how Steve Jobs broke all the rules of management to create Apple.  Here is an extract from the post “Steve Jobs violated every rule of management. He was not a consensus-builder but a dictator who listened mainly to his own intuition. He was a maniacal micromanager. He had an astonishing aesthetic sense, which businesspeople almost always lack. He could be absolutely brutal in meetings: I watched him eviscerate staff members for their “bozo ideas.” . . . He never mellowed, never let up on Apple employees, never stopped relying on his singular instincts in making decisions about how Apple products should look and how they should work.”

#4 Facts and Figures matter

Decision making is one of the most important skills you need to have to be a successful entrepreneurs and fact & figures are key tools for effective decision making.

#5 Forego your ego

They make it to tomorrow only after Grug accepts the guy

#6 Enjoy the journey

One thing I grew up hearing is “Enjoy the journey – don’t wait till you arrive at your destiny” this is very true for any entrepreneur.

#7 Tell great stories

No I am not talking about Grug’s stories – I am talking about The Guys stories (remember how the tigress flew). Weather it is Steve Jobs or Bill Gates – remember great leaders are great story tellers.

Other very important and self-explanatory lessons are here (I am sure we might of herd these stories multiple times).

#8 Dare to dream big

#9 Trust your instincts

#10 Get out of your comfort zone

#11 Never give-up

#12 Keep your mind open

#13 Get the right mentor

#14 live your passion

#15 Always take care of your family

#16 Help others succeed

#17 Always innovate

#18 Be persistent

#19 Get there early

#20 It will always seem impossible – until it’s DONE

I hope the film gets the attention and recognition that it deserves. For me, it’s something that has given a new dimension to my entrepreneurship journey. My only word – Get off the couch and go and watch the film. NOW!

Raghavendra Hunasgi (Raghav) is an author , speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, start-up mentor, marketing leader and social media enthusiast. He has founded four successful companies and mentors many start-ups in South East Asia. You can connect with the author on the following channels: LinkedInTwitter, and SlideShare.

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  • Belinda Summers

    This is really something. Makes me want to watch it now and see if it really coincides with the lessons above. Interesting post you have here. For me, the bottom line is doing things with persistence to survive, may it on business or for life survival. :)

  • Julie Robert

    All these points are superb, specially 9 and 20. As trust on yourself and instincts are always helpful. I remember the novel Alchemist in which a boy listen to his heart, left his comfort life and went on journey to follow his dream. He also opened his mind and followed the omens and finally reached to his destination after facing number of problems and hurdles.

  • Raghav

    Hi Julie- I totally agree with you. As Steve Jobs said it over and again – if you trust your instincts and do what is right for larger good. You are sure to be successful. – Raghav (author)

  • Vijay Srinivas

    This is a great capture Raghav. Defying conventional wisdom is the only way, you can achieve greatness. Creative wisdom is key to all the growth that we see around us in the field of technology. No doubt Steve Jobs was successful, as his sole aim was to think ahead of times and not become a sacrificial lamb to mundane life.