We want you to be part of Under30CEO. We don’t throw networking events. They suck. We want to create an amazing network of people for you to be a part of. To party with, to collaborate with, to make money with and to ultimately change the world with. Make this your entrepreneurial family within NYC and globally.

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Everyone at the events will be there to network and connect with others in the area. It is a great environment to simply meet some new friends or maybe a future business partner.


Everyone at the event gets 30secs to get up in front of everyone and announce “what you are looking for”. Meaning you can reach out looking for web designers, lawyers or maybe just some feedback about your venture. This way everyone in the crowd gets to know you and hopefully someone has a contact that can get you what you need.

Have fun

Overall we hope everyone ends up having a good time. Between a targeted social crowd and a few drink specials you will find yourself just enjoying yourself and unwinding from the day.

If you are looking to connect with driven entrepreneurs head on over and join Under30CEONYC to stay updated on all of the events.

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