Every entrepreneur begins from square one at some point. They know they want to be an entrepreneur and they don’t want to continue working for someone else. Around the same time, each person comes up with an idea. This idea is the foundation on which their company will be founded and how they plan to make money.

Once they get past square one, there are many different perspectives on what the entrepreneur should try to acquire next. Should they chase capital? A good business plan? Partners? Products? Customers? You get the point.

The most important entrepreneurial resource is almost always overlooked in the beginning. Get a proven mentor or team of mentors!! Doesn’t it make sense to have people that you can talk to about the situation that you are going through? These people have been there before and they have learned many lessons the hard way. Having a mentor that you trust is essential to success in any entrepreneurial endeavor. They can save you time, money, and other resources. If you are able to find good mentors, they will even be able to help you grow your business in a sustainable way, on top of preventing mistakes.

Most people think of great entrepreneurs as lone wolves who accomplished their dreams by themselves. This could not be more false. From Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to Warren Buffet and Donald Trump, each had a mentor or two along the way. Each have well documented experiences with these mentors and speak openly about the help they got along the way. Remember, “You can not make it along, although some try.” If this approach is good enough for some of the most successful men in history, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur, consultant, and public speaker. After serving in the military, he founded two companies by the age of 22. He now spends his time working on The Community Corkboard, an education fundraising company with a community focus. In his free time he focuses on youth entrepreneurship and education. Follow him on Twitter @APompliano or subscribe to his blog at anthonypompliano.com.