Under30CEO has always been about success in business and more importantly in life. Everyone finds their own way to success and happiness and we hope that Under30CEO can simply play some roll however big or small in that process. We have heard from many of our readers that personal finance is something that they constantly struggle with. So, we have decided to add a personal finance column to Under30CEO!

This will not just address finance for businesses but for life in general. Having a financial foundation and being able to mange your money is crucial to success in all aspects of life and Under30CEO is going to help guide you through this.

To help with this we are looking for guest writers who feel they have some expertise, advice or knowledge in personal finance. You already know that we accept guest posts on a variety of business topics but now finance is available too.

I want to stress that the advice does not have to be focused on finance in business (it can be) but this column is meant to also address personal finance in life and how to build a solid financial foundation.

If you’re interested please email Jared(at)under30ceo.com for more information. You can contribute as frequently as you want and we promise is will be great for exposure to our audience of 100’s of thousands of educated, ambitious readers.