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Organized Chaos: The Life of Being a College Entrepreneur

| November 3, 2010 | 9 Comments

I find it ironic that I am writing this post on how I manage my team as a student and entrepreneur.  Looking back, organization was never really my strong suit in high school.  I was that kid that just threw everything in his backpack and just hoped he would be able to find the assignment within five minutes.  I didn’t lose assignments, but I definitely wasn’t organized.  Let’s just call it a prime case of organized chaos.

Having said that, the organized chaos back in high school has paid dividends for me as a college entrepreneur.  I can’t say that I have figured out all of the answers when it comes to managing my lifestyle, but I think I’m doing a decent job so far.  Here are some things I’ve learned as I go:

More work, More productivity: Since I started running my PR firm, I have actually seen my schoolwork improve.  I originally thought that school would be tough to keep up with while trying to run and grow a business, but I found it to be the exact opposite.

Working on more projects puts you in a productive mindset.  Instead of spending your time going out with friends, you are in that mindset to complete ALL of your tasks at hand.  I’m not saying you should forget about having a social life, but don’t fret about increasing your workload.   It may be the answer to getting the smaller things done.

Don’t abandon your social life: Although being an entrepreneur requires a major sacrifice of free time, a social life is still very important.  It may not be going out every night until 1 am, but it’s important to give yourself a break and some good company. Taking a step back from your Laptop or iPhone can make all the difference when you start to feel bogged down in work.

Taking that step back can put you ten steps forward when it comes to managing your time.  No matter how great or inspiring the project, there are moments where it can get the best of you.  There is no shame in stepping away for a bit to enjoy life outside of the entrepreneurial box.  Who knows, it may inspire your next big idea.

Stay Inspired, Stay Passionate: I wanted to end with this because; this is the key to juggling the entrepreneurial life.  Without inspiration or passion, there is no way to manage such a busy schedule or handle new task after new task.  Passion is what drives each entrepreneur to keep growing and to keep working harder and harder.  There is no obligation for me to be a college entrepreneur.  My lifestyle is a choice and I can only stay on top of everything through self-motivation.  It is my passion for being an entrepreneur and young public relations that drives me to keep growing, learning, and being inspired.

Without this passion, us entrepreneurs are not able to juggle everything we do.  Without true passion, self-motivation is out of the question.  There would be no more managing everything because there will be nothing to manage.  There are plenty of professionals who are successful, but lack THAT certain passion.  Entrepreneurs do not.  It is essential when going through each day and each new task list.

Chaos is synonymous with being a college entrepreneur.  The key is to turn that aspect into organized chaos. Being an entrepreneur is fun and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  That being said, there are other obligations; mainly school, to focus on. Balancing it all allows you to be productive, creative, and sane. I get to wake up every morning, run my business, and follow my passion.  That is anything but overwhelming.

Byline: I am Harrison Kratz, a junior at Temple University, President of Kratz PR & Management, and host of #TweetDrive2010.   I love all things PR and social media, so find me on Twitter @KratzPR!

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  • Spencer

    I’ve been noticing recently that after 2 years in college, I’m not as interested in the party as I used to be say freshman year. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends, but I’ve found myself getting more satisfaction out of doing well in classes, being an entrepreneur and having new experiences.

    I’m working on my degree right now, and I’ve spent the last year trying to figure out what it is I want to do exactly. What was the tipping point where you realized a PR firm was the way to go for you?

  • Spencer

    *I’m not as interested in the party scene

  • @KratzPR TweetDrive

    Hi Spencer,

    I was actually unhappy with the way my internship was going and I wanted to gain more experience on my own. I started trying to find new ways to do that by getting involved with student organizations and such. I then figured, why not offer my PR services to others?

    With that I started my firm so I would be able to have a title and a product to present to other businesses. From there it just took off. I’ve always wanted to be something more than a PR pro, and starting this venture seemed like a way to do that.

    Also, I’m right with you on the party scene. While I still was close with my friends, I realized there were more important things then partying and going out. I have never regretted that decision. That mindset allowed me to stay passionate about what I do, and I think that is why I have been able to progress so quickly.

    Hope you’re enjoying success as well!

  • Harrison Kratz

    Sorry about that last post, I accidentally posted under my charity event’s Twitter page!

  • Josh

    Great Post!

  • Usama

    keeping a balance in life is truly inspiring and a great experiment.

  • Dubem Menakaya

    This article is very real. Being an entrepreneur makes you more focused, and your time management becomes much better. One should still spend time with friends, but staying focused on your goals is key.

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