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Outsmart Yourself: Hire People Who Know What You Don’t

| August 2, 2012 | 9 Comments

No one is the best at everything. And when it comes to running a business, you simply can’t do it all. Many entrepreneurs have a variety of great skills, but may be lacking in some essential areas. It can be difficult to admit that you’re not the best in every aspect of your business, but because that’s probably the reality, it’s imperative to employ people talented in the areas you’re not.

Why You Should Diversify Your Company’s Talent

This is not an exercise in humility. There are unquestionable benefits to hiring people who know what you don’t. Highly intelligent people are likely to know how to communicate their strengths and can positively challenge their bosses (i.e., you). They don’t limit themselves to merely their job descriptions, but instead, they think outside the box; this is a highly useful trait in a world where everyone is constantly trying to out-innovate everyone else.

You should hire people who are more skilled than you in areas that are important for your company’s growth. It’s up to you to determine what a good end result is, and to effectively communicate with your employees to achieve the desired outcome.

When to Hire

So how can you tell when it’s time to hire outside talent? Apart from recognizing an area or two where you lack the sufficient skills, something might be too much for you to handle on your own if:

  • It’s draining: If a certain task de-energizes you, it’s making you less efficient and more distracted.
  • It’s inefficient: If the cost of doing it yourself is more expensive than hiring someone else, you’re wasting valuable time and money.
  • It’s going to take a while: If you have enough work to keep the talent busy for some time, then engage their minds while yours is occupied elsewhere.

Additionally, I would never bring in outside talent just to close a deal with an important client. As a business owner, you are probably experienced enough to handle that task on your own – and it speaks volumes to a big client that you took the time to meet with him.

What to Look for in a Candidate

You should look for a skillful combination of experience and raw talent. Shy away from people with only great potential. A person with experience will trump someone who merely shows potential every time. He’ll be less expensive and time-consuming to train, and he’ll hopefully bring new perspectives from his previous experiences.

It also doesn’t hurt to look for people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. These people are typically proactive and motivated, which means less micromanaging for you. Just make sure you have the proper nondisclosure or non-compete agreement so you don’t inadvertently create a new competitor.

How to Interview

When interviewing, it’s a good idea to get to know the candidates before you talk about what you’re looking for. This lessens the chance of them saying things simply because they know it’s what you want to hear. I like to ask applicants what their long-term goals are; where do they see themselves in five or ten years? If the position you’re offering will help a candidate reach his life goals, then this is a big indicator that he is worth pursuing. As long as you’re meeting an employee’s personal needs, he’s likely to stay loyal for a very long time.

Depending on what the position is, you can have candidates do a sample project as part of the interview and see who delivers the best end product. For example, if you’re hiring a designer, have the candidates design a logo for a new client. If you’re hiring a marketer, ask the prospects to draft a proposal for a campaign you’re working on.

I’ve always lived by the “hire slow, fire fast” motto. I think it’s worthwhile to spend as much time as you need to pick the right people for your team. At first, you might consider hiring someone as a contractor or freelancer to see if he’s a good fit. After a week or two, you’ll have a good idea of how he performs in the work environment and if he meets your company’s needs.

In the End

When you build a team of highly skilled talent and let your team work together, you’ve done your job right. It’s like a general manager building his sports team. You want to have the right talent in the right positions.

No matter how smart your employees are, it’s up to your leadership skills to motivate, communicate, and set proper goals to keep the talent in the company. You are the thermostat. You set the work temperature. Play it smart and the laws of attraction will benefit your business by drawing the talent to you.

Peter Nguyen is currently the creator and CEO behind Advertiser360, the most comprehensive course ever created to help people build their own product or service online. Peter has launched nine highly successful Internet startups over the past decade as a serial entrepreneur and is one of the most highly-south Internet marketing consultants in the direct response and affiliate marketing space.

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  • http://makemoneycleaningoffices.com/ R. J Rogers

    One way to say it is: Hire people who, in their working,  ‘play’ at doing the things you find difficult to learn or do

  • Mike

    Awesome article Peter. 

    To Peter: (I hope you answer this one) Are you planning to re-open your advertiser360 course again?

  • Mike

    Awesome article Peter. 

    To Peter: (I hope you answer this one) Are you planning to re-open your advertiser360 course again?

  • Mike

    Awesome article Peter. 

    To Peter: (I hope you answer this one) Are you planning to re-open your advertiser360 course again?

  • http://www.advertiser360.com peternguyen

    Hi Mike, 
    Advertiser360 is currently being opened privately to a lucky handful of new students each month for those who I feel that would be excellent candidates. We had such overwhelming success from our past students, it truly has been an incredible ride for us from both our members and our students at the university level, as well. If you’re interested in getting access, just email me privately at peter@advertiser360:disqus .com. 

  • http://twitter.com/sparkhire Spark Hire

    These are great tips for hiring great people that will bring real value to your organization. You talk a lot about hiring people who will stay with your company for the long haul because they fit into the culture and because the company matches their own career goals. An easier way to be able to assess personality faster is to use video interviewing. Using a one way video interview to pose questions to candidate they then answer on video will allow you to see personality and fit, all while saving your time if the candidate isn’t right for the position.

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    Hiring a employee is an important step for the entire firm this is the reason that now every company do a complete process of hiring. While hiring a person, he should be tested from all aspect like knowledge, skills, personality, communication etc. Don’t ever hire the person just because of his resume but judge him and check his ability according to requirement of your company.
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