Comic: Passion Trashin’: Is your business worth it? : Under30CEO Comic: Passion Trashin’: Is your business worth it? : Under30CEO
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Comic: Passion Trashin’: Is your business worth it?

| September 6, 2013 | 5 Comments

 Who cares about passion, right? 

“We don’t have time for fanatics! We have a business to run.”

#entrepreneurfail Passion Trashin

On the contrary, passion is one of the most important things you can bring to a business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. If you were extremely, unbelievably tired, would you still work that extra hour on your business?
  2. If you had no incoming money for 3 years, and after that it would still be variable, would you still want to work on your business?
  3. Do you periodically dream about your business, and does it keep you awake at night?

If you answered yes to at least one of these, then you are passionate about your idea and believe in it. This is an absolute precursor to starting your own venture.

What exactly is passion in entrepreneurship?

It is a strong and uncontrollable drive to actualize your idea. And why is it necessary? You will face tough days, emotionally draining days, and steamrolling-days and the only thing that will get you through them is your passion. Last year I was pursuing a business that I thought had good applications and had potential, but I fooled myself into believing I was passionate about it. I plowed through assessing the customers and creating a prototype. However, as soon as I found a competitive threat, I was disenchanted by the entire idea. This lack of passion was an #entrepreneurfail.  I decided to switch gears to a business where my passion was more evident.

Where else will passion help you?

Whether you are networking and searching for new leads, trying to get funding, or delivering extra value for your consumer, your passion will come through and propel you that extra step. When times get tough, your passion will be there, like a long-time friend, to pull you through. So go out there and find your passion. It’s something you won’t be able to find anywhere but within you.

Have you found your passion? Tell us how you found your passion in the comments below.

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  • treptalks

    There is no shortage of people with smarts and skills. What truly makes a difference is only 1 thing, which is: How badly do you want something?

  • Belinda Summers

    True. I had to agree with @treptalks:disqus. Our motivational core lies on our desire and passion for the work or business. No work shall be called ‘work’ when you enjoy doing it. :)

  • Toon Preneur

    Absolutely…”how badly you want it” sums it up really well! Glad you enjoyed my comic!

  • Toon Preneur

    Yup! Nothing really feels like a sacrifice if it’s a passion! Hope you enjoy the rest of my comics…

  • Belinda Summers

    I did. :)