Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch: our five senses shape our worldview. We interpret to arrive at an opinion, and those opinions form the base of all future interactions. Perception becomes our reality.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Whether accurate or not, if you arrive late on your first day of work, I will assume you are unpunctual, disinterested and lacking professionalism.  Despite a top tier university, marquee internships and an entry-level salary topping $60k, none of that will matter. People form their opinion of you in the first 10 seconds. What do you want to say?

As twenty something entrepreneurs, many will not take us seriously. Yet, we are dependent on a network of advisors, investors, strategic partners and other stakeholders to grow our business. They will see our youth and inexperience as an excuse to write us off. It is our job to demonstrate our enthusiasm and perspective while showcasing their underlying value. There is an advantage in every disadvantage, and those who succeed take pause and make plain their course.

You must define your value on your terms. Are you an accounting wizard with an ability to fashion a story from the numbers. Or, are you a people person who can inspire, influence and incite creativity? Whatever your gift, the key is to show rather than tell. Although they may not acknowledge that you’re the first one in each morning and the last to leave, people will note your contributions. They will watch the way you move about the world and associate your name with all that you intend. You will build your personal brand and people will come to know you for that.

View your youth as a commodity and, like any asset exchanged on an open market, you must know and be able to communicate your worth.

Author: Michael Peggs, CEO & Founder,