Under30CEO recently published an article titled “Why Entrepreneurs Should Work On Their Days Off” which stirred up a great conversation about work and personal time. As entrepreneurs we all know that it can be difficult to separate business from personal life and often there is no separation. However, the term “work” can have different meanings for a business owner. Working does not have to mean setting a schedule, going to the office or executing specific tasks. Many times work is simply thinking or talking about the business, brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas or even learning more about the industry the business is in.

Many of these things are not set tasks but just thoughts or ideas that happen each day for a passionate business owner. So we wanted to find out if you truly separate business from personal life? Do you make sure to keep business 100% out of a weekend or vacation or is it welcomed anytime anywhere?

Let us know in this quick poll and leave a comment!