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Presentation: What the F*ck is Social Media Now?

| September 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

social-mediaA remarkable demonstration of the power of the social media has just been released – “What the F*ck is Social Media Now?”

The power of social media now means that any idea, campaign or business can go viral very quickly. The question is, are you fully utilizing social media?

Some quick facts from the presentation are:

  • 500 Billion. The number of peer influenced impressions Americans generate each year
  • 62%. The number of those impressions that come from Facebook alone
  • One third. The percentage of females that check Facebook first thing in the morning, before even going to the bathroom

To see the presentation – CLICK HERE

If Social Media is so f*cking huge, what are some simple ways we can utilize it to grow our business?

The Facebook Like Button

We’re now able to put a Facebook “Like” Button on just about any webpage.

When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’  News Feed with a link back to your website giving us free advertising through Facebook.

…for the quick steps to install the Like Button – CLICK HERE

The Twitter Share Button

Similar to the Facebook button, this is a button which sits on your site, giving users the option to Tweet your content over Twitter, again helping your content go viral at no cost to you.

…to see Twitter’s explanation and watch a video on it – CLICK HERE

Creating remarkable content is one thing, making it shareable is another. Be seen.

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  • Joe

    Wow that is a GREAT presentation!!! It’s amazing how social media has made an impact though. Nestle giving in to activists demands, Record breaking money being raised in relief efforts, protesters voice their opinions online, and so many more is amazing.

    I’m affiliated with the University of San Francisco and I’m proud to talk about their social media course. Just to think it may be used for positive efforts such as raising money for charitable contributions is nice.

  • Usama

    Social media is an epic. Small businesses to huge ones can easily get noticed by this powerful creation.