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A Response to 9 Reasons to Quit: 9 Reasons Not to Quit

| September 26, 2013 | 28 Comments

Dont Quit

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article 9 Reasons to Quit, I was touched by dozens of people who reached out to me saying how the article resonated with them. But I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression and start quitting everything they started. Because quitters never win and winners never quit – and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a winner than a quitter.

My favorite life motto’s is by Helen Keller who said, “The woman who began the race is much different than the one who ended it”. Helen was deaf and blind but she went on to achieve a teaching degree, be an activist, author and lecturer. She inspired me because she didn’t quit and she didn’t let society define what she could and could not do.

I was thinking about the dozens of things that I wanted to quit in my life, pretty much everything on my epic bucket list, but I didn’t and that was awesome! Even when I was getting read to give my TEDx talk I was terrified. Some of the countries I’ve visited, even right now while I run my own business, I am terrified…

But…those were also defining moments in my life. Allow me to take you through 9 top reasons why you should Not Quit!

1. Patience and Resilience

In one of my previous jobs, I had a tough boss who was insecure that someone would replace her. She made it her mission to make the life of anyone, who had to work with her, miserable. On my second week at work she tried to fire me, because she was afraid of me and at that point I wanted to quit.

She got furious when the company decided to divide her role and give half of the responsibilities to me, a 20 something. This job was one of the most difficult experiences that I have ever had, but it taught me to assess and strategize and find solutions to any situation, and the opportunity to manage a department. I learnt how to navigate through the various layers of the organization and to advance my career without her.

I learnt that personal branding within an organization is a crucial component of a successful career. I had other managers including the CEO and other regional directors who supported me and admired my patience, that helped me advance my career more than I could imagine.

Maybe its worth learning patience and resilience… So I don’t think you should quit!

2. Face Your Fears: Kill that Inner Voice

Challenges make you stronger. Sometimes it’s easier to quit than to keep going, at least in the short term.  I think about my inner voice that sometimes tells me that I am not good enough or I am not strong enough! If we make that our focus, do we ever really achieve greatness?

You are not someone that is weak and gives up. Go out there and prove yourself to the world and to yourself. You CAN and WILL achieve what you set out to do. The only time you fail is when you give up. Also I always think of it like this: ‘if someone else has done it so can I’.

Maybe it’s worth killing that inner voice… So I don’t think you should quit!

3.  An Epic Adventure is Waiting!

Last week I watched an Australian documentary called Mongalian Bling. The director had been travelling around the region as a tour guide when he discovered the hip-hop scene and shortly after, realized it was a story he needed to share. At the time, the director, Benj, didn’t even know how to film, but knew that he committed to sharing the story. He moved back to Australia and while working during the day, he enrolled at night to learn how to film.

Long story short, 6 years later, after tons of hardship, lots of learning, he finished the documentary and its been screened in over 15 cities around the world. What’s better, he discovered his passion and wants to make movies for a living.  If you want to screen it in your city, reach out to him!

Maybe it’s worth the challenge for the adventure… So I don’t think you should quit!

4. News Flash!! You have a gift and the world needs to see it!

Have you ever asked yourself why you are here on earth? God, super forces or whatever you believe in have created you for a special purpose, and you need to discover what that purpose is. If you were born for a special purpose, then you should let it show.

If you don’t think you are special… Walk yourself over to the mirror/ flip open your smart phone and record yourself saying this “I have a gift and the world needs to see it”. There is no other person like you on earth (Can you imagine two of you!). That is why you are so special!

You have unique talents, unique skills and expertise; therefore you can make a unique contribution to your company, department or family and friends. Now don’t worry, if world domination is not on your list, you do still have something to give – maybe for your community or our town.

Maybe it’s worth sharing your gift… So I don’t think you should quit!

5. You are Stronger Than You Think

I know that sounds cliché, but really you are! When I was a kid, I used to volunteer in the children’s cancer hospital. I saw these parents whose kids were dying and when I asked how they were doing, they responded “alhamdulillah” which is an Arabic word for Thank God.

I thought to myself if my child was diagnosed with cancer, I would be pretty pissed off.  But when my father was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer, someone asked how I was.  I don’t know where the strength came from but I said that word “alhamdulillah”.

I think about my first 5 km run, my first 10km, my first 15km, my first half marathon, losing my Dad, living in 7 countries, my first triathlon, duathlon, epic adventure cycling 450 km in East Timor and the list goes on.  I didn’t think I could do any of these things, but somehow I found the strength.

Maybe you are stronger than you think… So I don’t think you should quit!

6. You have the potential to make things happen

I love the Olympics! It’s a great time of inspiration! You see athletes push themselves further than they thought possible. In the 2008 Olympics in China, 43 world records were set and last year in the UK, 37 more were set.  I am pretty we can bet many more will be broken in Brazil for 2016.

How are athletes getting better in their craft? Are you able to get better if you put in the 10,000 hours? Are you aware of how much potential you have? Are you focusing on unlocking the potential you have instead of focusing on that thought that tells you to give up your dream?

Maybe it’s worth pushing yourself just a little bit more… So I don’t think you should quit!

7. The race is only with yourself

My favorite story is the one of the turtle and the hare racing, where the arrogant hare takes a nap, while the ‘slow and steady turtle wins the race’.

I think about when I first compared myself with my friends who were bankers, lawyers and consultants who were following the conventional path. It really stressed me and I put myself under more pressure. I didn’t want to take the typical route – I am a social scientist, a creative type and a change maker.

The race is less challenging when I spend my time focusing on a race that I have defined for myself. You are unique and special. The problem with comparing yourself with others is that you don’t know what it took your peers to be where they are today. You don’t know the obstacles they had to surmount, the sacrifices they had to make to be where they are today.

Do your things one step at a time, believe in yourself and move according to your own pace.

Maybe you should focus on what you need for myself… So I don’t think you should quit!

8. You are Closer than You Think

Do you remember the movie that Will Smith starred in called “The Pursuit of Happiness”? The movie is actually based on the life story of Chris Gardener, a man who had no money, no job and had his wife leave him. He took an unpaid internship, landed a job and went on to become a multimillionaire with his own investment firm.

Seth Godin, a marketing genius says in his book called “The Dip” where he says that often when you are about to give up you are so close to making a huge break-through. Seth teaches us that at any given time we are always only a heartbeat away from success.

Maybe you are closer than you think… So I don’t think you should quit! 

9. If you quit, you don’t create awesomeness

My friend Laura from Gone Adventurin’ went to Vietnam for 4 months that transformed into 5 years. She struggled at first and had countless times where she felt frustrated but she didn’t quit because she knew that the company was a great playground to learn and to grow.  She knew the experience would help her in whatever else she decided to do next.

The challenge was tough and it was emotionally hard but it allowed her to learn a lot about herself and how to persevere. If she had quit, she would not have had the opportunity to build strong relationships, revamp the whole company’s brand positioning, join board meetings at the age of 23, open brand franchises in Philippines and Japan, or be a part of raising $50 million in capital.

Maybe it’s worth the challenge to be a part of something awesome… So I don’t think you should quit!


You may be in a situation that dictates you to give up, but don’t give in nor give up just because of the situation. You will come out victorious. The former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill emphatically said, “Never give up, never give up, never give up.”  You don’t have a reason strong enough to give up your special dream or goal.

I hope you have found this post useful. Have you learned anything from not quitting in the past? Why shouldn’t people quit? Please leave your comment below.

Yasmine is marketing & lifestyle expert, adventurer and is the founder of Transpiral.org, a leading institute that equips women to take their careers and businesses to the next level. She is the author of the forthcoming book called Wonder Women’s Guide Asia where she is interviewing 50 most Powerful Women. Connect with her on Twitter @yasminekhater, facebook and Linkedin

Image Credit: betterwerk.tumblr.com

About the Author: Yasmine Khater

Yasmine is marketing & lifestyle expert, adventurer and she is the founder of Transpiral.org, a leading institute that equips women to take their careers and businesses to the next level. She is the author of the forthcoming book called Wonder Women’s Guide Asia where she is interviewing 50 most Powerful Women.

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  • treptalks

    It is an interesting dilemma. I agree with all the positive points in the article and I am all for NOT quitting. I think if a person loses interst in what they are doing then they shold try and find somethign else.

  • Tyson Hartnett

    Holy crap. Amazing and inspirational article! Really liked it, especially about “the dip”, and compaing yourself to others. I think we all are on our own journies, and we all need to be focused like the tortoise, who knew where he/she was going, and just put one foot after the other. Really great piece, I loved it

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    thanks @tysonhartnett:disqus :) I am glad you loved! Seth Godin is awesome! Really love him

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    yes @treptalks:disqus ! Not sure if you read my first piece on why you should quit! I talk about how you can only quit if you have something better for you! http://under30ceo.com/be-a-quitter-9-things-that-will-teach-you-to-quit/ would love to hear what you think?

  • Tony

    What a right-on piece! I am currently working on an online project and I am determined to see it to the completion, unlike previous ones I’ve had my hands on. Am really inspired by your write up. I love those words “Never give up, never give up, never give up.”

  • Chris Taylor

    Yasmine, I really love your enthusiasm and optimism in general! I read both of your articles and watched your TEDx talk. I loved the part about living with other people as crazy as you in order to be ‘normal’! I feel like I am laughed at a lot for having crazy ideas and building weird things (Fountain made out of a trophy case and an indoor arcade basketball structure, which @tysonhartnett:disqus would probably like). I believe it is important for us to accept the laughter at our crazy ideas, because they are branching out of the norm. People used to laugh at cell phones and didn’t see where they would go, and now we have a significant amount of human knowledge in our pockets because of them. Anyways, if you haven’t ready Tyson’s articles about challenging things our parents told us in the 90s, you should definitely give them a look! Thanks again!


  • Kevin Diamond

    Wow! This is awesome! Love your eagerness to express pros and cons of quitting and reasons and situations that support either!

    It’s tough growing up always learning to never quit and stick it out, and then find yourself on a path your unhappy with and realize n.o.t quitting can be unhealthy for you too.

    Also always looking for an easy way out and not persevering will lead you nowhere. Really liked how you laid this out.

    Thanks for the personal stories! Paints a great picture!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    yes! totally agree! I cant wait to see what you have to share with the world! what are you working on!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    Thanks @disqus_MMvYtWbr9d:disqus! I totally agree, I loved @tysonhartnett:disqus article! its soo brilliant!

    just asking, have you built a fountain made out of a trophy case? that sounds pretty bad ass!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    yes! the dilemma of life! to quit or not to quit!!!

  • Lucian

    I don’t want to seem rude, but I read the other post with reasons to quit and I liked it a lot. You talked about the freedom to do better, to do things that you liked. I was in every situation you explained at least once.

    However, in this article, most of the reasons seems complete BS.

    “News Flash!! You have a gift and the world needs to see it!”

    The chances that a company gives you the possibility to get the best our of you are very slim. If you worked in that company you would have never thought about quitting in the first place.

    “You are Closer than You Think”

    In the movie, the character invested 6 months into his dream. If you already are at a job that you seem harder and harder to go on it’s not because of the short term benefits. You are sad because you are in a place where you don’t improve yourself and where the only thing that keeps you is the paycheck

    When I saw the movie I compared his experience with something new that he want to pursuit ( moving on from selling some medical instruments that no one wanted ), with something better and he was willing to invest 6 months of his life into. That sounds more like a start-up to me and quitting your current job looks more like his situation.

  • Chris Taylor


    Yes I actually have built it :) I will post a pic here later!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    Awesome! I can’twait

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    Hi lucian

    Im glad you enjoyed the first article.

    I really appreciate your thoughts but perhaps we come from different schools of throughts or the same but communicated differently. I dont think companies are bad, it was a great training ground and got to learn alot.

    I think we decide the impact of our learning. Not leave it under the hands of companies. For example my previous company was not my definition of ideal. I took initiative, improved processes, networked and understood the oil and gas industry and was part of global projects such as rebranding, integration, employee and customer engagement!

    I do think we all are naturally better are doing certain things. For example my brother loves event management and organizing parties, if you gave him the job of making financial modelling he would suck. So take what your awesome and love and make it rock!

    With the example closer than you think. Maybe my eastern perspective is different but sometimes the outcome is not only the monetary reward but also the learning journey which for me is equally as important.

    If you would like to google hangout, happy to understand more the space your coming from

  • Lucian


    Thank you for your response. You are right, maybe my response was biased by the differences in our business culture.

    As a personal reference, I was fully employed only 2 times, not including partnerships on projects where I had full control of my time and my work. After the first job, in under 1 month after I quit I built a website that in 9 months started produce 3 times what I have earned at the day job. In the next 3 years I finished college and started few other websites. Then I got the second job where I earned more money than I earned from my websites. I quit after 4 months and within 3 months I have taken my first website to a new level ( changed from adsense driven to freemium subscription based ) and after 9 months I earned 4 times the day job salary.

    I am working in web programming, and at the day jobs I was not in control of the results. I had to deal with company work standards, decisions, etc. They do not want to spend my time ( paid by them ), to try new things, technologies, etc. Maybe if it was another position where I had more freedom and space to use my creativity, the situation might be different.

    I love to work on my own projects, where I am in full control. However, I enjoyed working as a freelancer on in partnerships ( long term too: I worked for about 2 years with the same team ), probably because I was still in control of my time, I received the specification and the implementation was at my own choice, I could do different experiments, implemented my own solutions in my own way because I was not paid by hour, ability to select the projects I work on and the partners were only interested by the results and not on how I do it and how I spend my time.

    I must reckon that I had clients who always wanted to know what I am doing and if I work on their projects or not, how many hours everything requires so they know they don’t overpay me, requesting me to prioritize their project even if they do not paid extra, wanted to meet them with very short notice, always wanting something extra for free or to come there and teach them how do different tasks on their own, adding more stuff than they agreed without price re-negotiation, changing their requirements during the project, paying late, but most of the clients were good because they knew that I have the option to stop working for them after the current projects end, or to refuse to accept the changes during the project and I felt much better because I knew I had the freedom to stop working with them after the project ends or even during the project even if I had to suffer some consequences.

    Maybe I still have to find the right company to work for, or maybe the right position ( one where I can have more control and where to use my creativity ).

    I must admit that I have learned some things from the experience of working full time, dealing with different situations under strict conditions, but I learned only learned to do things that fall under the strict working standard of that employer. Working on my own websites, in partnerships or freelancing I was able to get experience in a wide variety areas because every project was different, and I also got experience in solution finding because I had the freedom to find the best solution for every project.

    Now I can use the experience I have in different situations and with different technologies to find a better job where they give me more freedom because I have experience.

    One day I had a discussion in a group about how to start the right career. We all came to the conclusion that it is better to have more freedom so you can work on the things you like, in the way you like, but then we argued a lot about the right way to do this: to get a day job first so you can make experience and after few years to start your company in that field, or to be on your own from the start.

    Obviously, I am a fan of the second version, for the following reasons:
    1. if you get a job, you will learn the basics but then your activity will be narrowed to certain small tasks, so you will not be able to understand and make experience on the big picture so you can take care of all the aspects when you will get on your own.
    2. unless you are switching jobs very often, you will only make experience in one field.
    3. at a job you will have a decent salary and after you get used to a certain lifestyle, it will be very hard to give up to it so you can wait 1 year until your startup starts to produce something.
    4. the older you get, you will start thinking at a family, moving in with your girlfriend, taking responsibilities, maybe making a child and in that moment, leaving your day job will not be an option anymore.
    5. as you grow it will be harder and harder to learn new things that you will need to run your start-up; your creativity will also drop and most important, the willingness to take risks is much higher when you are young.

    I would like to talk more about this trough google hangout.

  • Thalitha Doer

    Hello Yasmine!
    I was intrigued with this heading But i find both articles congruent.
    There are times and paths we have to quit TO make way for those at which we should persist.

    My new way, quit what’s not fruitful and lazy-like (limited comfort zone matters) and invest in my dream and using my current situation ie my full time job to prepare for the full scale implications of running with this baby.

    Thanks for your inspiration, very real!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    Thanks Thalitha! I am glad you found both articles useful and I am happy you to took the key learning away, get out of your comfort zone and quit being mediocre, to key is to be exceptional at whatever your meant to do :)

    I invite to you join my blog transpiral.org if you want to get similar inspiration :)

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I like you really love my freedom, Its probably the most important value to me and hats why i had a hard time working in an office.

    My old office I had to sign in and sign out the hours, so it was very challenging for me, because as much as I got to learn and be involved in all those projects it was super frustrating for me.

    Awesome lets hangout email is yasmine@transpiral.org

  • J Tan

    Hey Yasmine, first off I think it’s awesome that you did two pieces that reflected two sides of the same argument because it really gives us as readers the full scope of the debate. Your points are all really well laid out and if anybody is facing the problem of whether to quit or not, you’ve helped put out a great pros and cons list here. My personal favorite is still your first point, resilience, because at the end of the day, the ability to not give up really does get you to where you need to be. Keep the awesome articles coming!

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    I am glad you enjoyed it @J tan! I recently wrote an article about how hard work is the only way to get results and this article talks about what Britney spears, my triathlon and cute kittens can teach about getting things done!


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  • http://greatpreneurs.com/ Edoardo Moreni

    Quit when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you see a spark, just keep going.

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    yes for sure!!!!

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  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Belinda Summers

    I may not have learn any strategy in social media or online marketing today but I have learn more valuable than any mental tips. Thanks @yasminekhater:disqus. I’ve added you to G+ and I’m looking forward for more of your post here in under30ceo. It’s been awhile since I read a post that would keep me speechless after. It feels better to be motivated again and remembering that ardent feeling you feel at your first day of work. I guess passion never stops at any age and quitting is nothing but an alibi. Thank you so much. :)

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    im super happy that you enjoyed the article! Have you read the other one of 9 reasons to quit?

  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Belinda Summers

    Not yet @yasminekhater:disqus but I would like to. :)

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater