Recently college debt has been a hot topic especially for young entrepreneurs. The White House announced a plan to help reduce the college debt burden on young people. Along with that Gen Y Capital Partners announced a new fund for startups that will help the founders by paying their monthly loan payments. Then the Kauffman Foundation released a study showing how entrepreneurial millennials are but showed that college debt was their least concern when starting a business.

Last week we polled our readers to find out if college debt was the right problem to be tackling for young entrepreneurs.


67% Yes

33% No

The overall consensus was it’s good to address but may not be the #1 factor or barrier for young business owners. So of course now we are trying to find out what it. Stay tuned for next week when we publish the results to our poll on the biggest barriers to starting a business for young people.

What do you think of the results and the idea of tackling student loan debt to help spark business creation?