eminutesUnder30CEO and eMinutes are teaming up to create a better legal experience for entrepreneurs. To help figure out what we need to do to create that experience we decided to reach out to our readers for some input  Recently, we asked a simple question on Under30CEO “What Comes to Mind When You Think of a Small Business Lawyer?”.

We saw a great response and here are the answers:

63% – They are to expensive

17% – It’s overwhelming to figure out which firm to use

13 % – My business is too small so lawyers don’t pay attention to me

7% – I find them intimidating to talk to

It’s not surprising that many small business owners find lawyers to be expensive. However, eMinutes is helping to relieve some of those costs especially when it comes to incorporating your business. Currently eMinutes is forming 500 free corporations for entrepreneurs that qualify. Free means free. eMinutes is even paying the filing fees.

Important: You must be a resident of New York or California to qualify.

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