What’s your name?

Roshan Roghani

What’s the name of your company?

Camille Beckman

How old are you? 


Where can we find you tweeting?


Why should you win the Under30CEO March Madness Entrepreneur Mashup?

In 2012, I took over my mother’s company, which was once a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetic world. Unfortunately, the last ten years had seen the sales decease to only a fraction of what they were a decade ago. Since taking over the company, I have tripled our US year-to-year sales within 9 months, begun a large rebranding campaign, and am singlehandedly pushing into 12 new countries by the end of 2013. I have stuck with my personal ethics by not taking additional financial backing or outsourcing.

Who are your co-founders and what are they like?

My mother.

Tell us about your company!

Camille Beckman is an American made personal care retailer. Founded in 1986, our mission is to offer the highest quality in personal care at an affordable price. We strive to create American jobs, support small, local businesses across the US, and provide support to women and children across the world via our foundation. Our line is sold in over 10,000 high end, locally owned shops all across the US, as well as in select fine retailers world wide.

Who do you pick to win the NCAA tournament?


If you could be one college mascot, who would you be and why?

The Colorado Buffalo! Mostly because I graduated from Colorado, but also because buffalos are strong and formidable, yet gentle and kind.

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