business debtDebt can be a scary thing especially in today’s economy. However, it is also crucial to growing and expanding any business. It can help you move forward faster and more efficiently than your competitors. You would find it difficult to find a small business owner who never took on any debt at any stage of the business whether it was a loan, credit cards or another method. Of course you just have to make sure to do it right and understand how to manage the debt.

Recently MSN Business on Main covered a few of the options you have when it comes to taking on debt as a small business owner. Make sure to know about every option you have as each person and situation has specific needs. Many business owner take on debt only to learn there was a better program or opportunity out there where they could have raised the money they needed.

1. SBA-backed loans

2. Asset-based lenders (ABLs)

3. Factors

4. Revenue-based financing

5. Microloans

Do you know about all of these options? If you’re not sure what some of them are check out the full article here for all the details.

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